Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL Week 6 Wrap Up

There has been a snowstorm here all day. It is October 18th and there is a snowstorm. This is going to be a LONG winter!

NFL Week 6 Wrap Up
Once again some crazy action in the NFL, so here we go.

New Orleans Saints 48, New York Giants 27
An amazing effort by the Saints as they light up the Giants for 48 points. The Saints rushed for well over 100 yards, and thus as predicted here, won the game.

What can you say about Drew Brees? The guy is a monster. Brees level of concentration is amazing. He is a true leader and delivered the goods in a huge game. Marquis Colston made the Giants secondary look terrible, and the offense line handled the Giants pass rush with no problem. I cannot even remember a part of the game where a Giant was within reach of Brees. The New Orleans defense continues to play inspired ball, and they contained the Giants well.

So are the Saints the best team in the NFL? The Giants were #1, in my mind, going into this game so I would rate the Saints #1. Still, the Giants I think were not really sharp after playing Tampa Bay and Oakland, so I think they will bounce right back. Any way you slice it this was a great win for the Saints.

New England Patriots 59, Tennessee Titans 0
So can somebody explain to me how in the world Tom Brady cannot hit a receiver in no wind and 60 degree weather but he cannot miss in a driving snowstorm and high wind?

To be upfront, the Titans looked befuddled by the snow, confused on defense, and thoroughly uninterested in playing this game. That said, Brady throws for a first time (modern era) ever 5 touchdowns in ONE QUARTER?! Brady finally stopped looking 10 yards and closer for his reads and found Randy Moss several times for scores as well as Wes Welker deep very often. Note to Tom, its been there all year, glad you finally noticed.

The Patriots defense was brutal physical today forcing many turnovers on vicious hits. The running game was excellent, but Sammy Morris went down and it does not look good for his return. Hello, trade for Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams) please!!

Back to the offense; this will either be a wake up call or a one game aberration. The Pats go to England next week to play the Bucs and then have a bye week. I am hopeful they have finally gotten in rhythm. The rest of the NFL hopes they have not.

Oakland Raiders 13, Philadelphia Eagles 9
I want to offer my public apologies to the Raiders for my comments last post. A week after the Giants humiliated the Raiders and the Giants said the game was like a "scrimmage" I thought the Raiders should be barred from playing this season.

Instead they played inspired football today and really surprised the Eagles. Philly is known for losing concentration in games against poor opponents and they really were asleep here. Still, the Raiders went out and took the game and I am sorry if I was dismissive of them. Good job guys.

Minnesota Vikings 33, Baltimore Ravens 31
I do not have much to say about this game. The Ravens are playing terrible defense and making too many mistakes to be a top flight team right now. The Vikings are solid and a little Brett Favre magic late sealed the win. The Ravens are really in trouble right now and are giving up tons of points.

Other Games
-Obviously the Bengals can only beat great teams in the final minute. They were totally dominated by the Texans, losing 28-17.

-How did Cleveland get two touchdowns against the Steelers?

-St. Louis at 0-6, can you please deal Steven Jackson to New England please?

-Arizona is wildly inconsistent

-Detroit without Stafford is a totally different team

-The illegal hit and then behavior of Carolina's Dante Wesley should be worth a 2 game vacation. Dangerous and very dirty

-Washington is a disaster as a franchise. Overpaying for talent and still nothing to show for it.

-The game just ended and the NY Jets lose to the Buffalo Bills 16-13 in overtime. I want, right now, the entire cast of ESPN's NFL shows to tell me right now are the Jets still the best team, hands down, in the AFC? Are you ready to shut the f#ck up about Mark Sanchez (5 interceptions today)? Are you ready to concede that after a few games to look at on film the Rex Ryan Defense is not all that? Will you please answer me? I am talking to you Tom Jackson and Chris Berman. J-E-T-S, are they the best in the NFL, really? You guys need to work on your objectivity.

That's the wrap. Plenty to look forward to next week, but that's next week. Enjoy the night game!

Have a good night.


CT-Hilltopper said...

So, who hijacked the real Titans and put the Our Sisters of Mercy Junior High School football team out there in their place?

That was a really sloppy horrible game, and I felt incredibly sorry for the Titans.

The ones on the sidelines who kept taking their helmets off were incredible brave. If I were in their place, I would have chosen to play the entire game with my helmet on, even while I was sitting on the sidelines.

The offense was sitting on the sidelines for most of the game, as I recall. No call for Our Sisters of Mercy's quarterback to attempt a Hail Mary pass.

That was a massacre.

CT-Hilltopper said...

Oh, I forgot about Mark Sanchez...How can he be called their "brilliant young quarterback", and other superlative adjectives I've seen hurled his way.

Five interceptions does not a brilliant young quarterback make.

It was time to interject some reality into this situation. The guy is a quarterback. he might even be a decent quarterback who had a bad day. I'm not going to elect him Pope.

getyourselfconnected said...

I too felt that the Titans were so bad that the game should have been stopped. Ugly.

My only complaint is that the Jets have not beaten anyone (the Pats were clueless in that game) and Sanchez has not done much and yet he gets all these accolades. Welcome to reality.

Go Saints! Go Pats! and please allow the Titans to win a game.

trade Steven Jackson to the Patriots.

watchtower said...

Our local radio personality (Greg)interviewed Mike Keith (radio play-by-play announcer for the Titans)this morning:

Greg: So Mike, did you see anything that could be looked at as a positive in yesterday's game?

Mike: No

Greg: Do you think Belichick could have eased up on them a little?

Mike: There is no mercy in the NFL.
Having said that they could have probably kicked a field goal and put up another 3 points to make it 60-0.

(note: the above quotes have been paraphrased from watchtower's somewhat waning memory)

Anonymous said...

"-Washington is a disaster as a franchise. Overpaying for talent and still nothing to show for it."

Agreed - think back to last year when TN and DC both had dominant defenses. TN starts the year 5-1, DC starts 4-2.

After the haynesworth trade, Titans defense falls apart and the team is 0-6. DC paid 100 Million to make their defense statistically the same as last year, and the record is now 2-4.

IMHO - talk about a lose lose trade! Right now trading Haynesworth looks like its among the worst trades ever!!!

Anonymous said...

"-Washington is a disaster as a franchise. Overpaying for talent and still nothing to show for it."

were you talking about the football team or congress? ;)


Anonymous said...

C'mon man. Picking on the Jets is pretty low. As a lifelong Jets fan their futility is ongoing and well publicized. I understand that you are a Pats fan, but mocking the Jets is like a professional athlete making fun of a special olympian. Just because you're right doesn't mean you don't look bad for saying it. Food for thought.