Friday, January 20, 2012

Options Expired Today, but Friday is an Easy Roll

It's Friday! It's NFL Championship Sunday! It's overwhelming to say the least.

Market Observations
I stayed long into the weekend, probably not the best idea ever. I recapped my stocks on Twitter so if you are not on there, you missed it.

One I want to point out has two MAJOR drawbacks so lets start there with CRESY:
-It's a smaller name at $650 million market cap and average daily volume runs at 150k shares a day.
-It's Argentinian, and I hate buying non-US stocks.
With those in mind it was strong look on an iBC screen I use and it has been bought very heavy in the later parts of the day. Volume was heavy today and a while back 3 million shares were bought up. Interesting:
Enough work!

Friday Night Entertainment
Another weekend is upon us.

Cowboy Record
I came across this great post over at Ptak Science Books which showed a record of an old era Cowboy and his experiences. It was a nice read, but a picture included just jumped out at me. I am assuming this is in New York and a Texas Cowboy is shown the huge city way long ago:
I was shocked how huge NYC was when I went and I am well aware of such things. How did this cowboy feel?

Fun with Images
The eyes see all. No kidding!

"Let me take you on a scenic cruise":
demotivational posters - SEEMS LEGIT
see more Very Demotivational

funny pictures - Happy National Hugging Day!
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!
Love the kitties!

Sports Clips
In honor of the huge football weekend I am running sports clips instead of film clips.

My man Robert Sinn (See his great blog here) was looking for an early Mike Tyson fight. The one that sprang to mind was Tyson vs Jesse Ferguson. In Troy, New York 1986 a young Tyson got a real test and answered big time in the 5th round, shattering Ferguson's nose and ending the fight (Ferguson would be DQ'd in 6th for holding). Skip to the 5:35 mark of this clip for the huge punches that finished it:

Body shot then uppercut with the right!

From last year, Kevin Harvick wins California and beat Johnson to do it. We were way short of title, but this was sweet:


I love my Saints, but the 49ers, via Vernon Davis, were amazing in last weeks game. Catch all the angles in this video:

Hate it, but I do respect it.

Rock Blogging
Pump up the volume.

My good friend Jennifer Hillier has just moved in to a new place and is getting settled. After a huge move, its great to be in your own space. Let's go with Staind and "It's Been a While":

A great information source is on Twitter, @Arctic Gambino and he was looking for some White Stripes "7 Nation Army":

Like it.

Fellow 12631 member and twitter follow, @azulgrana_ wants Iron Maiden's classic "Run to the Hills" but I say only live:

Excellent request by Mr. Hebron (The Basis Point) and mad props for getting a StockTwits job! Ted Nugent and "Stranglehold":

Yes, thats sweet.

Two left.

HoobaStank and "The Reason":

For you.

Last call!

This song, if you give it a chance, can mean trading or writing or anything that you work hard for. Kenny Rogers with "She Believes in Me":

Have a good night.


Julie said...

Love 7 Nation Army. LOVE IT

StockSage said...

Thanks for the shout, great Tyson fight selection!

Anonymous said...

Ted the Sledge - Stranglehold - great tune

@CaseyLConley said...

aww.. huggy "kitteh" love that pic. ( Like the kenny rogers too :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

All excellent tracks tonight. Thanks for playing my song!


EconomicDisconnect said...

Thanks all!

GawainsGhost said...

I've never been to New York. It's a little too far north for me, about a three day drive from here. And since I will never fly again, it's off the list for my vacation destinations.

Oddly enough, though, most people I meet think I'm from New York. Know why? Because I'm from San Antonio, which is a sister city of New York. It's a city thing, an attitude.

I believe I was the first one to recommend "Stanglehold" to you, GYC. It must have been over a year ago. Great song, wicked. When I was teaching high school, I had some football players in my class. I gave them a copy of that song and told them to listen to it while they were lifting weights. They loved it! And it motivated them all the way to a bi-district champhionship.

I'll take the Giants in the playoffs.

The Basis Point said...

Cheers brother. I love Stranglehold, never get tired of it. Hope you have a great #Niners weekend.

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