Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Football Weekend

What a show this weekend!

Great Football Weekend
Just some great action all weekend and maybe the best football game I have ever seen.

San Francisco 49ers 36, New Orleans Saints 32
My beloved Saints could not hold on to the football in the face of a brutal San Francisco defense. I have never seen so many great tackles and perfect hits as I did on Saturday. The Niners are well coached.

Even after 6 turnovers, the Saints grabbed the lead with just 1:30 to go or so. And then the 49ers made some magic happen. It was an epic tilt and I believe the best football game I have ever seen. I am disappointed the Saints lost, but you cannot take anything away from those Niners, tip of the hat.

New England Patriots 45, Denver Broncos 10
A nasty, angry, motivated Patriots team obliterated the Broncos. Tom Brady was in the zone and the game was over by the half. Even the defense looked reasonable!

Baltimore Ravens 20, Houston Texans 13
The Texans actually controlled this game, but made too many mistakes (recurring theme this weekend) to overcome. Ravens are so tough on defense, just a great unit.

New York Giants 37, Green Bay Packers 20
The big upset. Again, just too many fumbles and drops. Did anyone want to win this weekend? Bizarre. Giants D-line has that 2008 playoff run look.

Going to be a great Championship weekend.

US markets closed tomorrow, I am doing some work tonight and more tomorrow and will have commentary then.

Have a good night.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Saints were the only real surprise, but you can't win a football game with five turnovers. Texans should've had that game, but again, too many mistakes. (Patriots should obliterate the Ravens next week.) And Green Bay peaked too soon. I suspected they would lose this weekend. Actually, the Giants' win works in the 49ers' favor, because they have to travel to San Francisco instead of 49ers going to Green Bay.
Next week will be exciting!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Its nuts! Thanks Alex.

GawainsGhost said...

None of this is surprising to me. You play your starters and you play to win. That's football.

I'll tell you exactly why Green Bay lost this game. They rested their starters in the last regular season game. And then those same starters failed to show up in the playoffs.

The same thing happened in 2007. The Cowboys, 13-2, rested their starters and laid down against the Redskins. Then they lost against the Giants in the playoffs.

That year, the Giants played their starters against the Patriots in the last regular season game. They happened to lose, but then they went on a four-game winning streak and beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

You play your starters and you play to win. You don't rest your starters and hope to win. Hope never won a football game.

There is a certain level of intensity you have to build to win playoff games. You don't do that by saying, oh, we won the division, we're in the playoffs, we can take the week off.

No. You play your starters and you play to win, every down, every game. That's football.

I'll take the Giants over the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Sorry, GYC, but that's just how I see it.

Gentry said...

How bout that call of Student body left, seal the edge and Alex Smith rumblin in! It was like the pre 1960s single wing play - awesome!!!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Gawains, yeah that Giants team has that look. 49ers are going to be a very tough out though!

Gentry, HUGE Saints fane here but that was just an amazing ending to the game!


Nothing like a good footbal game to get your nerves off of bad thougnts.

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