Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday has Been Upgraded to AAA

HUGE Saturday tomorrow! Saints vs 49ers first up and then the Patriots face the Broncos in the night game. My two favorites on the same day.

I am feeling pretty good and getting better. Won't matter tomorrow I am going to be jacked up no matter what.

Market Observations
I sold TZA today for a round trip of 0%. The drop I had been expecting based on topping candles never really came about. At this point confidence that a lasting bottom has been formed and a longer rally is on the way is running very high. Even the debt downgrades today had little impact (so far) on sentiment and prices. My argument for a pull back was based on candles, and this chart shows that when they happen, reversals usually happen quickly:
This action has been 4 days of hanging around so I give it less weight at this point. If this is a major top it's going to catch plenty very unaware. As no one owns a stock overnight I guess it won't matter anyway.

Friday Night Entertainment
Providing the lighter side of things since 2007.

Long time readers know my severe addiction to Wikipedia. One of the fun things I do every day, you may want to write this down, is click the "on this date" bar at the bottom right. An entire list of cool historical events comes up and today had a good one.

In 1968 Johnny Cash performed at Folsom State Prison. You may have seen the film "Walk the Line" that dramatized Cash's life. It's a classic album and doing the show said plenty about Johnny Cash:
Thanks Wikipedia!

Old Truck
Saw an old truck on the highway on the drive home and I could not place the year, it was clearly a Chevy. A little image searching and bingo! It was a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 pick up:
Not as nice as this picture, but it was in good shape. Get that thing in for the winter!

Picture Pages
Time to get your markers and your pencils.

These girls are the last untapped market for Lululemon (LULU):
see more After 12

I don't think that's going to work:
demotivational posters - I WAS SELF-PICTURING
see more Very Demotivational.
New Era. Comedy captures such things amazingly well I think

Film Clips
Rent them, stream them, or buy them in Hong Kong, but see them.

I loved S.E. Hinton's novel "The Outsiders" and I think the book was translated well into the film of the same name. All star cast and great performances. In this clip the greasers get ready for the final rumble and for all the lady readers there is eye candy, I am fair and balanced after all:

Revenge plus a great 50's tune? I am in! From "Christine", the death of Moochie:

Little bitty pretty one.....

Rock Blogging
The tunes are here.

My friend from Twitter @TSXSwingtrader is from Canadia so it's fitting for some Tom Cochrane and "Life is a Highway":


I had never heard this song and had no idea Ace was with another band, but my friend GtoToy sent this to me, Ace Frehley and "Rock Soldiers":

Wonderful! Thanks.

I had my 600th follower on Twitter tonight and while I believe quality is better than quantity it's amazing all the great people I get to interact with. Lucky #600 is @CanvasBTMargins and her request is "Someday" by The Strokes":

Good pick.

How about a live show of Faith No More and "Epic"?:


Josh Brown was looking for a tune I know, and I hope he was not joking, here is Band of Horses with "The Marry Song":

Excellent selection.

If we can get back to a market that is not 100% correlated, this is what happens, "The Sultans of Swing" -trading via Dire Straits:

Last call! Grab a drink, a girl, the remote, whatever works.

Had it on many times, but I was thinking of it. "Joey" by Concrete Blonde:

Have a good night.


Jake said...

Love the title and great selection by the 600th follower.

Good luck with the game tomorrow!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know where you will be all day long tomorrow! Think the Saints are the most dangerous team right now. Hope the Patriots game goes the way you want, but after Twebow's "316" miracle last week, anything is possible.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Jake, thanks means a lot.

Alex, go away...kidding!

GawainsGhost said...

I'll take the Saints over the 49ers and the Partiots over the Broncos. If only because the last thing I want is to see my mother in pink pajamas, dancing around, singing "Tebow! Oh, oh, oh. Tebow!"

The way she figures it, if she roots for more than one team, at least one of them will win. Let it be the Saints. I can live with that. There is no Drew Brees song.

Texans at Ravens, I'll have to take Baltimore. Giants at Packers, that's a tough one to call, but I'll have to go with New York. It's a divisional thing, you know.

Team, division, conference, that's how I go. But, honestly, I think it's going to be the Saints and the Packers, the Patriots and the Ravens in the conference championships. For the Super Bowl, I'll have to see what happens this weekend.

By the way, Dire Straights is one of my favorite bands. Did you know they are from Britain? I always thought they were an American band, like Steely Dan. But, no, they're British through and through.

Julie said...

Now that's a "turn up the volume" song if I ever heard one :) thx. Oh, and thanks for the eye-candy too :) Have a good weekend!


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