Sunday, March 11, 2012

Longer Term Swing Structure

My eye is about 100% better, no more swelling at all. I will recheck with the doctor this week to make sure the cornea healing is complete. I have to admit, this was pretty scary.

It's my actual birthday tomorrow but I have been having a really nice birthday weekend. Tomorrow I start at the new gym! I am sure to be pretty sore after that.

Longer Term Swing Structure
In keeping with my more "hands off" stance and stepping back from markets I am looking to have trades on that take up the minimal amount of my time or monitoring. Actually this is the kind of trading I prefer for the most part. Most of the hard work is your homework and screening, a trade should be mechanical if it's well set up.

Simply put, I like strong weekly charts that are close to a 20 MDA/50 MDA cross (green lines crosses over blue in my charts)and have been under accumulation. If the daily chart is attractive on top of that, it's even better. I usually give a bit more room to longer term swings (multi week trades) as they can take time to resolve. Setting a 5-6% stop loss and letting the action happen without watching allows the patterns to go about their business without a nervous or bored eye watching them for what to do. Using the iBC PPT screener has given me my best three ideas for new swings over the next couple weeks. Here are the daily and weekly charts for the three I am considering. Click on any for larger view.


Weekly (Has not crossed yet, but may early in week)

Weekly (Also has not yet made cross)

Again, not in any rush here. PETD is most advanced setup of the three and this week should give a clearer picture on CTXS and WLK.

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

Happy Birthday, GYC.

Watchtower said...

Happy Birthday GYSC!

Watchtower said...
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Watchtower said...

I double posted, I'm a bit out of the swing of things.

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