Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday May Have Disappeared, but Friday Never Does

Had a great day off and took care of a ton of things around the house. Got to watch a bit of market actions as well. Pro Tip: take a mental health day every now and then.

Missing Day in Markets
On Wednesday going into the two days of Euro news cycle the market was poised and ready to roll higher. Then Thursday happened, and things looked like a return to the bottom end of the trading channel. Today that's all over and gone, Thursday may well turn out to be a "just kidding!" kind of signal. I got stopped out of two small longs on Thursday. Looking over the markets today I entered into two small short positions because I think that things were a bit overdone. Full homework night Sunday night and I think a bunch of things look good to buy. Hence the small short for a bit of surprise protection. This market keeps one guessing.

Thursday May Have Disappeared, but Friday Never Does
A whole day may have gone missing, but the Friday Show never does.

Voyager 1 to Enter Interstellar Space
As if the space news could get any better, Voyager 1 is about to get free of the local environment where our Sun affects space, and into the open interstellar space. Some visual cues for what that means:
The space probe will be able to send limited data back until the year 2020.

Picture Pages
Some funnies for laughs.

I don't think this will end well in the snow:
epic fail photos - There I Fixed It: Plow Jester
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About right:
demotivational posters - FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS
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Film Clips
My friend Josh Brown, The Reformed broker, has been sick this week and it was a bit scary as he dropped off the map for a bit. Luckily Josh is doing ok, you can leave him a message on this post. One of the comments mentioned they were going to start a "save Ferris" movement and of course it put me in mind of that great film.

My favorite scene (of many) in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is the Abe Froman scene:

So classic.

I really like the new version of the film "Get Carter" and a great exchange happens at the 0:45 mark of this clip between Stallone and Rourke:

Rock Blogging
Melodies on free flow.

Reader Gawains was looking for some U2 and "Vertigo" from a Live 8 show in 2005 and this one is hot!:


I was in the mood for a little Bruce Springsteen and "Radio Nowhere" will do just fine:

How about "Rhythm of Love" from the Scorpions:

Who is that model in the video?

Arsenio Hall had some great shows when he was on. How about Anthrax doing "Only"?:

Ok two to go.

My Dad would always play this song last at night before going to bed. Kenny Rogers with "She Believes in Me":

Close the show with Robert Tepper's "No Easy Way Out" as it sums up the trading range:

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

Who is my huge fan from Stoneham mass? Give me a shout out!

Anonymous said...

good stuff!! i'm going to figure out the model question...bugging me...have a good weekend! gravestonedoji

bclund said...

I have planned ahead and cryogenically frozen a dozen screen names for my kids and grandchildren to use in the future. They are actually on the same shelf as Walt Disney's head.

David Batista said...

Voyager 1 -- oh yeah!!! I love stuff like this. Thanks, man!

And I was just thinking about Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I watched a really nice 2-hour special on the Bio channel this past weekend, and even ran out and bought the Blu-ray for watching sometime over the holiday. I always feel like a teenager again when I watch that film.

Oh, and the model is Joan Severance, of course. Hubba, hubba! :) Can't believe she's going to be 53 in less than two weeks. Still looks fine!

getyourselfconnected said...

BC, thanks for stopping by!

Gravestone, you are the man!

David, you are right!

Jennifer Hillier said...

What, no "Grab a girl!" just before the last song? But I actually had one all ready to go!

Ok, I'm a smart ass.

Great Friday night line-up. Would never in a million years been able to name the model in that Scorpions video. Impressive.

GawainsGhost said...

Let me tell you something about U2.

I saw them when they were young, on their first US tour for their second album, Boy. It was a small venue, maybe a crowd of 3000. But they rocked the house.

Live 8 was a charity event, so it doesn't technically count as a U2 concert. There were a lot of other bands involved. But just look at how they worked the crowd.

They're a hell of a band, and still together after all these years. Can't say that about many other bands, except maybe ZZ Top.

Musicians come and go, but a band that stays together for decades is rare.

And, hey, they don't care if it's a small club or a huge crowd. They show up to play. There really aren't too many bands you can say that about.

I'll tell you something else. The Rolling Stones, probably the greatest band ever, when they would go on tour to play in front of stadiums of fans, the night before they would always show up at some small club unanounced. They wanted to get that close feel.

Can you imagine that? I mean, you're a guy, out and about. You're at this club that only the locals know about, maybe there's a couple of hundred people there. And then all of the sudden, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones." Wouldn't that totally blow your mind? You didn't even have to buy a ticket!

Anonymous said...


Been busy...

Jumping from this:

Living in this:

Learning how to drive these in sub zero temps:

It's nice to have a warm bed and warm food so be thankful people... for the simple things.


PS: .5 done with

getyourselfconnected said...

JH, wow now you bring girls to watch the friday night show with you? Thats impressive.

Gawains, you have seen so much!

Lt G sir, great to hear from you again.