Thursday, December 1, 2011

Late Night, and a Favor

Hey all.

Friday Night show is on, so get those requests in.

As a favor to me, I posted my market based section on iBankCoin tonight and if you would go and check it out I would thank you. Vote on it and leave a comment gets you my very special thanks. Here it is:
Smoking or Non-Smoking?

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

I'll definitely take the smoking section.

You know, I had tickets to the Cowboys game against the Rams, friends coming in, but when I got to the airport the TSA wouldn't let me board the plane. Because I had cologne and shaving cream in my carry-on bag.

"Do you think I'm going to blow up the plane with Aramis?" I asked.

"Sir, I caution you."

"Fuck you!" I said. "I also have a carton of Marlboro. Is that what you think I'm going to light the bomb with?"

They damn near called Homeland Security on me. I almost got arrested.

Same thing happened to our junior partner, Richard. His son is going to college up in DC, came down for the holidays, but was two minutes late checking in for his return flight. They would not let him on the plane. Richard said, "My son has classes tomorrow."

They didn't care. Non-refundable ticket. He had to buy another ticket on a later flight.

I will never fly again. Never. It's ridiculous, the pain-in-the-ass. What, you think I'm a terrosist because I carry toletries? And Richard, his son is a few minutes late checking in, so they won't let him on the plane? It's beyond ridiculous.

If I can't drive to where I need to go, I don't need to be there. Period. End of story.

Anyway, my recommendation for Friday Night Entertainment is Foghat, "Slow Ride."

Watchtower said...

Well GYSC, yesterday (12-1-11) marked my 4 year anniversary of commenting on your site (my first post was as an anon).
It wasn't long after hooking my computer up to the internet (for the first time ever, in 2007) that I found your blog through your comments at 'Housing Panic'(RIP).

If I could, let me say this, out of the tons of links that have come and gone on my 'favorites' list, only 4 have never been removed.

1. Blue Letter
Even if someone was agnostic, I believe it would be a benefit to them to at least have a working knowledge of the bible, especially if you live here in the US.
Even more so if you live in the middle of 'Jesusland'.

2. Ebay, because sometimes you just have to buy and sell crap.

3. Amazon, shopping shouldn't be made this easy.

4. Economic Disconnect

GYSC, I don't know how you do it.
Almost every night after working a full day you manage to put a post up.
I can't even make a coherent comment most of the time, let alone come up with quality ideas for a post.

One more thing, it's also satisfying to see that you are making your mark over at iBankCoin, congrats! You deserve it.

Ok, the ass kissing is over now, I just wanted to say thanks for considering me one of your friends, and to keep up the good work.

Jennifer Hillier said...

See the impact you make on people? Even I feel all warm and fuzzy reading Watchtower's comment, and it isn't even about me. Much deserved.

getyourselfconnected said...

You really have given up on the airlines!

your comment means so much to me, thank you. Sent you a note. You are the best reader of all time.

JH, thanks.