Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Blog Roll and Why

Getting right after my to do list from last post, updated blog roll and a few notes on why I stop in the same places first thing all the time.

There are some new additions and readers should know that Twitter has been a major factor for me. The idea and news flow happens so fast now, Twitter offers the best way to see it all happen.

My Blog Roll and Why
Last night a great series of posts on Twitter by Trader Stewie (covered below) made me really want to get my blog roll updated. Here it is, going by alphabetical order, it's just my thing.

All Star Charts
J.C. Parets is the real deal. A real professional with plenty of background. When he posts, I read and make notes. Besides, an excellent person when I met him as well.

The Big Picture
What can be said? Barry Ritholtz is one of the best minds out there and also does not gloss over the bullshit.

Business Insider
Look, this crew never sleeps. Breaking news? They are on it. Joe Weisenthal is a machine and the writers at the site are tireless in their efforts.

I used to trade quite a bit from 2001-2006. I moved away from it when I saw things were getting, well, bad. A link at The Reformed Broker brought me to the site of chessNwine and I am glad it did.

Chess is the best chartist I know. If you can see his operation in the IBC PPT and 12631 it's very special. The coolest cucumber I know in any market condition, he is my go to guy.

He sort of retired but now he's back. Revealing charts that make confusing data easy to get a handle on, Jake is a must read. Plus he likes good music.

Best free charting options out there. The heat maps are great.

The song "Smooth Operator" was made early for this guy! He can do it all, and never has any bias. Blog is great, but to see GTO operate in real time on Twitter is something else. Huge metal music lover to boot.

Illusion of Prosperity
My friend Mark is one of the smartest people I know and he uses the medium of sarcasm for his work. The charts he comes up with you just will not see anywhere else and the insight he offers is top flight. Must read.

Jesse's Café Américain
A measured look at gold and silver as well as the money system. Always calm, always sharp.

Kid Dynamite
You might get a chicken story. You might get the best dress down from a former insider on arbitrage. You might get schooled on silver. Or maple syrup. In any case, you need to stop in.

Leigh Drogen
I don't really have the best grasp on new trends and new era ideas, I am an old school fart. Leigh has it all covered. So I make sure to stop in. Do you know Estimize?

Macro Story
My man Tony gets it. His macro view is worth a price of admission.

Market Anthropology
This man creeps me out with the uncanny reads on market direction. Just follow along, it's worth your while.

The Mess That Greenspan Made
An old school read, Tim is the best.

Macro can be important, and Mike has a great read.

No Excuses BBQ
You got to eat right? I take all my tips from this guy.

Pragmatic Capitalism
I don't agree with maybe 99% of the MMT thing, but I learn and think a lot. The comments section is great too.

Slope of Hope
If you find you are getting too giddy on the long side, Tim and the crew can fix that.

The Automatic Earth
Bearish? Yes. Spot on? Yes.

The Golden Truth
My man Dave knows metals.

The Reformed Broker
What can be said? Market smart, sharp as nails, speaks to and for plenty of us. And a good friend.

The Stock Sage
Strong where I am not (currencies and Europe) plus so many actionable ideas. One to watch, if you want returns.

Trader Stewie
As honest as they come. If you are not on Twitter you are missing a real show with live trades and market observations.

Zero Hedge
Still a must read for stories no one wants to talk about.

So many more, but I will feature those guys in blog posts in the future.

Have a good night.


Jake said...

Thanks for the shout. I actually prefer the nice comment regarding my taste in music. Also, thanks for not including my horrible taste in sports teams.

Anonymous said...

"The Automatic Earth
Bearish? Yes. Spot on? Yes."

Spot on? Uhh no, not so much. I have a friend who lost alot of money when he got suckered in by their "DJIA drops to 1,000 by the end of 2010" call.

Kid Dynamite said...

thanks for the shoutout. I strive to keep it diverse, entertaining, and useful

EconomicDisconnect said...

Jake, ha!

Anon, as far as credit and debt goes TAE has been spot on for a long time. Obviously investing based on anyone's targets on my blogroll is silly if you don't do your own work. I stand by TAE as a great source of understanding of the complex pressures the system faces.

KD, all that and more man. Thanks for all the work.

Anonymous said...

I stand by TAE as a great source of understanding of the complex pressures the system faces.

Id agree with that. They do a good job of laying out the issues & pressures affecting the system.

Where I disagree with TAE is in there analysis of how all those issues and pressures will be translated into real world events.

For example, to me those issues and pressures spell:
(1) an incredibly slow growing economy
(2)poor jobs growth
(3)probably 1 more year of slight home price drops before we stabilize, saying nothing about growth
(4)a multi year, directionless stock market with a bearish (-10 to -15%) bias for 2011 and
(5) general stagnation as we muddle through for another 5-7 years before we have a chance for true growth.

To them, those same issues and pressures spell:
(1)predictions of crushing deflation, far worse than the great depression.
(2) predictions of us losing MILLIONS of jobs per month
(3) predictions of home prices dropping NINETY PERCENT in nominal terms.
(4) predictions of DJIA hitting 1,000

Clearly, you can agree that their analysis is far from being "spot on" yes?

Anonymous said...

sorry about the typos... that should be "theIR analysis" and "bearish (-10 to -15%) bias for 2012"

EconomicDisconnect said...

Anon, great summary list! Yes, TAE goes too far in how they see this playing out. Again, I rely on the way they show the issues, but obviously it's not near or medium term actionable in investment sense.

zydecopaws said...

Thanks for the inclusion. Maybe one of these days I might actually learn something about the market… ;)

EconomicDisconnect said...

zyde, read those other guys and you might, I should stick to Big Steel Keg cooks!

Anonymous said...

"Again, I rely on the way they show the issues, but obviously it's not near or medium term actionable in investment sense."

Fair enough. I just think this site should come with more of a "warning" tag versus the others on your blogroll...certainly not an endorsement as them being "spot on".

My buddy fell for their siren song of "sell everything, TEOTWAWKI is imminent" and it has really f*cked him over. Nicole Foss is an extremely eloquent, persuasive writer. Anyone on that site in 08-09 timeperiod was excused for thinking she had the midas touch.

Problem was, the economy turned (from death sprial to stagnation) and TAE did not. I recognized this early and decided not to drink their kool aid. My buddy did not.

He sold his house, shorted his stocks, scared his family shitless about what they need to do to "prepare" for TEOTWAWKI. But since that didnt happen (a) he is down bigtime on his portfolio (and I mean bigtime). (b) He paid 20K in sales comissions, and over 75K on rent and yet his house is worth pretty much exactly what he sold it for. (c) worst of all, his "preparations" and efforts to "warn" his family has resulted in alienation. Huge blow ups at holidays. He & his pop are not currently on speaking terms. His wife, frustrated about his abject pessimism and their continuing to rent for the forseeable future is now suggesting "therapy".

Admittedly, he is a bit of an extreme example not likely to happen to most, but you see why I bristle about you giving them anything close to an endorsement. IMO, a warning label is more appropriate as TAE has the potential to destroy lives...

GawainsGhost said...

Nice list, and good New Year's resolutions too.

My New Year's resolutions are:
1. Drink more whiskey
2. Smoke more cigarettes
3. Watch less Cowboys

I'll probably succeed at the first two, but the masochist in me will prevent any success in the third.

For Friday Night Entertainment, I recommend AC/DC, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep."

EconomicDisconnect said...

Anon, well that sucks for your friend. Sorry to hear that. Appreciate the comments but I think my readers are smart enough to figure out blindly following anyone into any kind of trade is folly.

Gawains, good resolutions!

Anonymous said...

"I think my readers are smart enough to figure out blindly following anyone into any kind of trade is folly."

Fair enough. Just understand, so long as you leave this site as a place where dissenting viewpoints are allowed (which I very much appreciate BTW), for the reasons I mentioned above, I will dissent on pretty much all matters related to the "accuracy" of TAE.

Hope you have a good new year free from all robots hellbent on taking over humanity. Cheers!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Anon, fair enough. Yes, maybe those robots make their move in 2012, just as I have predicted! Happy New Year to you too.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Cannot do Friday night post tonight, stepping out for dinner this evening. Back tomorrow.

Stagflationary Mark said...


You are too kind.

For what it is worth, I strive to be a smartass smart asset allocator.

So far so good, but it may end miserably at some point and I'll be left smarting.

It's been nothing but a minefield for the last decade. I'll take either smart or lucky to get across it, not that I really think it will ever end. Getting worse is a distinct possibility though. Sigh.

scharfy said...

Happy new year!

FWIW, I have moved you into my 'active trader' folder on google reader!

You been slinging it, more and more.

Nice scalp at year end too, by you. Perfectly played!

You should get yourself an e-mini acct, make your life easier than playing the triple leveraged ETF's!!

Good year - been at a new fund(actually have to work), so haven't commented much but been a faithful reader - keep up the good work!!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Mark, one of my favorite writers. You pretend you are all snark, but brilliance shines through.

Scharfy, wow thanks for stopping by! LOL on futures, I do work during the day you know. Dont be a stranger.