Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the Shelf

You all are going to love this. My new fall project at work is to be trained on, coordinate installation, and be in charge of......a huge robotic system! You cannot make this stuff up. How will I cope? I feel I am betraying my own kind. Going to be a long Autumn.

On the Shelf
August will be gone and I don't think any market players are going to miss it much. It's been a wild mess, and plenty of hits taken and given.

There was more FED hints today, more volatility, more confusion. More of the same.

While I have not placed a trade since the beginning of the month (two losers YMG and OCZ) I had planned to try GME and NI this week. Both would have been ok winners, but various things kept me out of the market. The most important one was that I felt I would really have to keep an eye on any position very close, and that is not always possible with a real job. As is, August likely would have carved me up anyway so maybe it was for the best.

Some important economic numbers are set for tomorrow and Friday (ISM and Jobs number) and then it is the long weekend. Been on the shelf for August, why not a couple days in September too?

Vote for Best Sci-Fi TV Theme Song
Go and vote at io9 tonight:
Vote for the greatest science fiction theme song of all time
I had to go Knight Rider!

Hayabusa Project a Wild Success
Japan launched a space probe in 2003 that was tasked with returning a sample to earth of an asteroid. The return capsule landed in June and information is now just coming out. Very exciting project, read about it here:

Have a good night.


David Batista said...

Will you be the architect of our downfall? Somewhere in the future, a band of resistance fighters are reprogramming an Austrian bodybuilder to travel back in time and take you out.

I'd look over my shoulder from time to time if I were you.

getyourselfconnected said...

David, I know!!!

I doubt I will have much to post on later, getting into vacation mode. Can do Q&A if anyone wants something specific covered.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Remind me what's so bad about robots again?

If you can invent some of manservant robot that cooks and cleans, I would be invest in one. For sure.

getyourselfconnected said...

JH, I do that now! I am getting jipped.

GawainsGhost said...

You probably weren't born when Lost in Space was on TV, but that robot always freaked me out.

Being an old country boy myself, I never have been much into technology, even though I grew up around computers. I was more of an outdoor kid.

Once, I put on my hiking outfit, which consisted of bluejean shorts, moccasins, a leather pouch that contained trail food and medical supplies, especially a snake bite kit, a canteen, a staff, a knife, and a hatchet, and wandered 13 miles to my friend Sean's ranch.

He had this big canvas tent. We sharpened our knives and hatchets, loaded our guns--a 4-10 shotgun and a .22 bolt action carbine--then threw everything we needed into the tent--sleeping bags, fishing gear, ammo, gallons of water, potatoes, etc.--and collapsed it. We each grabbed a rung and drug that tent with our supplies far out into the wilderness.

After about 20 miles, we came upon a glade and set up camp. It was a nice wooded area, surrounded by cropland. There were lemons, oranges, corn, so we had plenty to eat. There was also a canal where we could fish for perch and catfish. We lived off the land, hunting quail and rabbit.

One day, we were out mapping our territory when we heard this squeal, and this javelina came bolting out of the brush. It's basically a small boar with tusks, but is an extremely vicious animal. What a javelina will do is chase you down, go for your ankles to cut your Achille's tendon so you fall down and can't get up, then go for your gut and disembowel you. This is a very dangerous animal.

But we weren't afraid. We had guns. "Eat death, pig!" Pow! Pow! Pow! We unloaded both rifles into that pig's face, and it did not stop, chased us up a tree.

Finally, the javelina died. After two hours, we climbed down the tree and drug the javelina back to camp. There we skinned and cut up the animal, and placed the bones on a big red ant hill. We tanned the hide and made leather necklaces with the tusks as ornaments, because we were the brave warriors who killed the evil pig.

I'm a hell of a lot more scared of a wild animal than I am of a robot. But, still, robots freak me out.

The Sovereign Bohemian said...

Speaking for the over 50 crowd Gawains, I remember Lost In Space! It was in Black & White (at least at our house), but I do remember some in color (maybe we got a new TV).

I liked your camping story. If I was a robot, I'd be scared of YOU, growing up around wild pigs and fire ants!

Congratulations G on becoming a robot Master. I suggest you immediately name it Tinman, like in The Wizzard of Oz, just to keep it in its place. Maybe keep an old fashioned pump can of oil with its name on it so it will be nice to you. Haha.

I hope they set up it right and test it good before it goes into service. Our automation system has been online for 5 weeks and is still having the bugs worked out. So far I am doing the work of 3 people every night just to keep things running. It sucks and is taking its toll on me. Don't let that happen to you, because it's hard to undo. Just sayin'.

I have to work next week, but then am taking some vaca and will have 10 days off (or else I'm sending GawainsGhost after them with his hatchet). I hope by having somebody else fill in for me it will become apparent how much I have to do every night. I'd be even happier if they get things running smooth for my fill in, so I could come back from vacation and have a normal workload again.

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