Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland or Fortress of Solitude?

Winter Wonderland or Fortress of Solitude?
The snow is all there is. It's everywhere. It has no where to go. It's piles lie in monuments to the efforts of man to move them. They laugh as they witness our feeble efforts to reshape the world that nature has brought down upon us. The snow uses each unique flake and trillions just like it to form an immovable mass of supreme dejection. Alas, my nemesis snow, I cry out my defeat! Spare me more pain! Please show me mercy so that I may live with some chance of hope.

All there is, seems all that was, is snow.

Ok, there is my feeble attempt at an ode to snow. In short this is getting out of hand. Oh yeah, more snow for Saturday!

Here are some pictures so you will know what I am up against.

If you have seen many of my cooking pictures you will know how my back deck looks without tons of snow. Here it is now:

I have been keeping it shoveled off due to weight concerns causing damage.

I had a ladder out so I could work on the roof awnings. Here it is in the snow while I took a break:

Easy to leave it someplace!

Here is the driveway to the street, just wide enough to get a car out:


One from the front yard. You can just make out the orange markers we use to show the plow guy where to plow. It's not helping!:

See what I mean?

I turn 35 next month but one of my both greatest gifts and failings is that I am a huge kid at heart still! Faced with monster snow piles in the side yard I did what any kid would do. Break out the snow tube!:

The snow is super fluffy so tubing is not that effective. Still, starting down the hill:

I will not include the pictures where I got to the bottom and flipped right over due to deep fluffy snow! I really have to move to the equator.

Trading Stuff
On Monday I bought Hershey (HSY) due to an oversold condition and other factors. Earnings were this morning and they came in a little light. Not to worry, a mega bull market forgives all ills and the stock was up about 3% today. It was also up about 1% on Tuesday so I am sitting up 4% on this one for a couple days. I rolled up stops to preserve gains, but I am looking for $50 for an exit on this one. We shall see.

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

There is no way I could live in that. I'm having a hard time as it is down here, what with this freezing rain and light snow flurries. It's the former that bothers me the most. Everything is covered in ice!

You can't drive on ice, not down here. Cars sliding around all over the street. At least snow will melt in a short while, and then it's done with. Ice tends to hang around and cause problems. So I'm not going anywhere until the temperature gets to at least 40.

getyourselfconnected said...

That sounds like a fine policy!

watchtower said...

You wasn't kidding GYSC, that is some serious snow!

Hang in there, fishing season really will be here before we know it.

au soleil levant said...

Love the snow pics! How much did you guys end up getting? We only got about 8 inches, not as much as they told us we would. Too bad!

CT-Hilltopper said...

We got ice this time, and I'm not complaining!

Still have about 20 inches of snow out in the yard. Had to rake the roof before this past store, just in case.

There's been LOTS of roof collapses in Connecticut this week.

GawainsGhost said...

I just heard on the radio that main sections of major highways have been closed due to ice. Dozens of accidents reported, including a 7-car pileup.

This is what I'm talking about. People down here do not know how to drive on ice. (Very slowly, several car lenghts behind.) I suppose I could get anywhere I needed to go, because the truck has 4-wheel drive, but I'm not going outside. Not when the roads are full of cars slip-sliding around. Screw that.

And this is repo week. We got some new assignments, and I've already done the research. Now I have to determine occupancy. But then we got an email that said, "Don't do anything hazardous."

Yes, well, that would include venturing outdoors into the freezing cold and driving on ice covered streets. So, I'll just sit here in my nice warm home, thank you very much. Your status reports will have to wait.

31 degrees, freezing rain, probable snow flurries, rolling blackouts. It's even worse in Dallas, which is about 900 miles to the northeast of here. I read that residents in Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington are furious that homes, groceries, hospitals are having their electricity shut off, while Cowboys Stadium is exempt. Something about the Stupor Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Is the big steel keg buried under one of those piles in the first pic?

getyourselfconnected said...

Soleil! So glad to see up and around on the internets! Over the two day storm we had over 20 inches, but we had 20 already on the ground, yikes!

How are you doing? Indeed the ice is a major issue now.

it stinks no doubt.

no the Big Steel Keg is safe and sound covered in the garage. Perhpas I will roll it out for a Superbowl cook this Sunday?

GawainsGhost said...

Yeah, well, they're now predicting temperatures to drop into the teens--the teens!--more freezing rain, sleet and snow flurries.

I remember the last time this happened, back in the early 80s. Woke up one morning, and everything was covered with ice. I'm talking inches thick here. It killed every plant--we had to re-landscape the entire complex!

Once there was this Ponderosa lemon tree in the courtyard. It produced big lemons, the size of cantelopes. You could make a quart of lemonade with one lemon. I loved that tree when I was a kid.

Well, it died, along with all the citrus groves in the entire Valley. That pretty much wiped out farming down here for several years.

This is bad all around. Highways closed, roads covered with ice, businesses shut down, crops destroyed, rolling blackouts.

We haven't lost electricity here yet, but if we do and my heat turns off, I'll tell you what. I got some old furniture lying around that I don't care anything about that would make for a good fire.

I've come to hate global warming, almost as much as I hate Jerry Jones. This is ridiculous.