Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Old School Artwork

I had scheduled roofers to come today and remove the snow and ice dams from the roof of the house. They called me in the afternoon and told me there were too many emergencies and they had to reschedule for tomorrow morning. Serious roof damage is gong on up here after the never ending snow storms!

Old School Artwork
I saw a post over at Ptak Science Books that was too amazing! Check out these old school engineering manual schematics for steam ship boilers. These were hand drawn in 1880!:

Close up:

That is amazing detail. Great stuff.

Superbowl Marker Issues
I cannot tell if this is photo-shopped or what, but it is funny:
Marker Cap Fail
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Bull Market or Honey Badger Market?
In light of the all powerful market run to all time highs, I dub it "The Honey Badger Market" (bad language and ugly scenes, you are warned!):

That was great.

Have a good night.