Sunday, February 20, 2011

Product Reviews

Saw a great film and discovered a new dog treat this weekend!

Film Review
I had mixed feelings about going to see the film "The Fighter". Being from Lowell and a huge boxing fan I know all about Mickey Ward and his boxing history. I was worried Lowell might come off looking like a bad city as well. I can say the film was outstanding! I had no idea how difficult things were for Ward and how his family was so involved with his career. The film features my old trainer Arthur Ramalho as well though he does not speak in the film, too funny.

I suggest you see this film and if Christian Bale does not win the Oscar for best Supporting Actor the whole thing is a sham. Bale gives a once in a lifetime performance that is one of the best acting displays I have ever seen.

Lose a Finger Dog Treats
Fellow Big Steel Keg user BoatnBBQ has started his very own small business. I stopped in to Lose a Finger and figured I would try out some of the all natural dog treats Boat makes using slow smoked left overs from the keg.

I ordered the bacon and cheddar, crunchy peanut butter, and slow smoked brisket flavors to try out on the Pug dog Norman. The product was shipped fast and here they are:

Instead of a laundry list of funky ingredients you need to be a chemist to understand, here is the ingredient label for the brisket balls:
-Whole wheat flour
-Baking powder
-Slow smoked brisket
That's it. No preservatives and no weird chemical binders or filler.

Of course the real test is how the dog likes them. Norman is a pug dog who are not exactly known for being picky eaters. I cut open the bag of brisket balls and the dog started sniffing the air aggressively. I started him off with one and he rolled it on the floor for a second, then swallowed it down. When I took out a second one he went into a perfect sitting position waiting for the treat! This dog was hooked!

Every time I go into the kitchen now the dog follows me in hoping for another treat ball. He stares at the cabinet where they are kept as well. Safe to say he is a big fan.

Not to be outdone, the cat seems to be very interested in the treats as well but my cat Jessie is already getting huge so I did not give her any! Ha ha cat, too bad. Here are the kids trying to grab a brisket ball:

The pug fully endorses the product.

$10 will get you a full 16 ounce bag of treats. There are smaller sizes as well. In the pet stores up here I always see $15 dog biscuits made with froofy stuff like tofu, rice, and various granola. That is all well and good, but any real dog wants a hardy treat and these fit the bill. If you are interested swing on by the Lose a Finger site and try some out. I congratulate Boat and his wife on starting a small business and wish them well.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with this company; I paid in full for the treats I have; I was not solicited or asked for this review.

Ok, off to watch the Daytona 500. Harvick's all black #29 will be my car today.

Have a good night.


Jennifer Hillier said...

I really enjoyed The Fighter and will definitely be rooting for Christian Bale to win the Oscar. Such a great movie, with strong performances from the entire cast.

getyourselfconnected said...

I was very impressed with the film too. It was like going back in time with all the Lowell scenes. Amy Adams really broke type with her performance, but Bale was lights out great.

Anonymous said...

Bale was OK, but a little over the top IMO. Still, he should be the odds on fave.

More worthy IMO was Melissa Leo (the mom), awesome character!!!