Friday, February 4, 2011

Trapped Under Ice Friday

Damn Ice Dams
I was home yet again today after waking up at 5am, going downstairs to find a nice water fountain coming in the living room bay window. The culprit, ice dams! I had to wait for the sun to come up to get after it.

There was huge ice buildup over the window and all on the front of the house (it's a Gambrel style). I took out my 8 foot ladder, a hammer, a crowbar and set off to work. I got most of the ice away from over the window, but the huge ice block on the front of the roof was hard to dislodge. After a few attempts I felt a strange warning in the Force. Seconds later I saw a 75 pound block of ice (yes I weighed it on the bathroom scale!) come flying down the front of the house right at me! I was on the second to last top rung of the ladder! I calmly pivoted my upper body and pushed the ice block off to the side and onto the ground. I can say it was amazingly skillful and quick, like a ninja. Glad that's over for now but I cannot even bribe a roofing firm to remove the snow and ice damns from the roof as they are all too busy. Maybe a mind trick will work?

You Win Some and You Lose Some, and Others You Miss
I was stopped out of my HSY trade this morning at $49.80. In at $46.79 so I pocketed a cool +6.5%. Just missed my $50 target but it was there. If HSY breaks over $51 I may rebuy but it has been turned away from that top quite a few times.

I am still holding AMRC, a small position. Still think a bounce is ready to go, but I am down a bit on the stock (-3%) so I will not let it go much further.

I was shocked that I still held my OMEX shares at $2.90 and today it rolled to $3.60! Not bad for a 2 year hold, LOL! I actually forgot I still had this position until I started trading again. Nice!

The big regret? TRCR which I showed you all in this post on January 24th. What I saw was a repeating higher double high pattern, it is almost fractal like! Here was the chart that night:

After today's 2.8% move up:

Now this may not be the next move up, and I may just be imagining things but I had wanted an entry here but just never got to it. A friend of mine went in after reading that post and is happy so far. Hey bud, your welcome!

As for anything else, I am too tired. While destroying ice with a hammer has it's rewards, something feels very out of place where my right clavicle meets my right shoulder. No it's not just soreness, I probably bent something. Wonderful. Also the Bernanke speech from yesterday still has my furious that such a total apechit clown runs the FED and is not run out of town post haste. As such, macro stuff will have to wait for another post. Off to the fun stuff.

Friday Night Entertainment
I will endure serious pain to bring you the fun we all so richly deserve!

Funny Videos
These two are MUST see video!

A pug dog (not mine sadly) that yells "BATMAN" was around a while ago. Now he has been set to the Batman TV show theme and it is get out funny:


This may be the greatest commercial ad of ALL TIME!:

The team that made this ad are brilliant! How the kid captures the perfect moment at the :50 second mark I have no idea. If I was not in love in a weird way with my Infiniti G35X I would visit a VW dealership on this commercial alone. Try the real force kid, hee hee.

Did You Know?
It's that time again to grow neurons with Did you know!

-Ice dam war can be fought by stuffing nylons with Magnesium Chloride and pacing them on trouble spots? Just don't use black fishnet garters or you may get complaints from the neighbors.
-I missed this from January 28th, but did you know EconomicDisconnect stayed home from school to watch the space shuttle Challenger launch way back in 1986? My mother and I just sat there without saying a word, for a long time.
-Io, one of Jupiter's moons, is seriously strange?
-Hadrian's Wall is thought to be the last great work of Rome?

Rock Blogging
Wow, I am running way late! Must be my busted shoulder. On to the tunes.

Loyal reader Gawains, who is suffering in Texas under cold conditions and like 3 inches of snow (WIMP!!!), would like George Thorogood and the Destroyers hit "I Drink Alone", which works out if no one is around. I mean why not drink alone?:

Love this tune.

Ok, if your name is not Josh Brown you may not be into Hip hop. I am not really, but I do adore Lil Kim. Here is Sugar (Gimme Some) by Trick Daddy and crew:

"Lil Kim's eye candy baby!" Indeud. Call me Kimmy darlin.

Ok, after that I need the 80's! How about Europe and "Carrie"?:

MEGA vocals on that guy.

One of my all time favorite songs, and one I will mat the gas pedal to anytime, is Iron Maiden's masterpiece "Hallowed be thy Name". How about on Piano via by Scott Lavender?:

So sick it hurts. What a great job.

Two left! Two left and I am one armed at this point!

In case you missed it, I was best friends with all the future scientists in the band Man Bites Back in college. While they pursued other endeavors than music, I love this song "Ghetto Starlight":

Kick ASS!

Last call and my right shoulder is happy, but I am sad!

In regards to the never ending Bernanke market assault on new highs no matter the cost, take a crowd WILD ride with Rage Against the Machine and "Bulls on Parade". The crowd at this show was so amped:

Bad shoulder and all I want to jump!

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

I am not a wimp. I just don't do cold.

I can deal with snow. It's just a bunch of fluffy white stuff. But ice? That's a problem.

Sheets of ice sliding off the roof of Cowboys Stadium have already injured six people. This is what I'm talking about. And that's 900 miles to the north!

When they're closing highways and shutting down airports, because of ice, I'm not going out there driving around. Even though I have a 4x4 truck with a grill guard--a tank basically--and I know how to navigate an icy road, it's these idiots in small cars who are out there sliding around that worry me. I have no control over them.

Hey, stupid, take your foot off the brake and turn into the slide, because if you crash into me and I have to get out of my heated truck in this weather, I'm going to be really pissed. And you don't want to deal with me when I'm really pissed.

I haven't left my house for three days. Well, honestly, I did twice. Once to pick up the newspaper, which was frozen solid, and once to buy whiskey and cigarettes. Some things are more important than others. Checking occupancy on a repo in this weather is not one of them.

Anyway, GYC, you're looking at daily fluctuations on your investment. That is not wise. Look at the fundamentals, and if they're sound, go long. You can't think about short-term gains or losses. You have to think about long-term profits.

getyourselfconnected said...

Gawains, no offense but in The Bernank market the uptrend is unreal. I ignored all kinds of plays for so long on principle, but I am fresh out. I want to make some coin and I am.
I am evil, such is the darkside.

getyourselfconnected said...

Night all!

Anonymous said...

"Gawains, no offense but in The Bernank market the uptrend is unreal. I ignored all kinds of plays for so long on principle, but I am fresh out. I want to make some coin and I am.
I am evil, such is the darkside.
Yep -- If you need fundamentals to go long, you would have been out of the market continuously since say, 1988.