Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What If?

Inspections are slowing down the work here as they are only done on Tuesdays and Thursdays of course. What can you do. Living with no kitchen and trying to make do in other rooms is harder than I thought it would be.

What If?
Of course there were plenty of things I read today that stood out, but nothing that really grabbed me as a must read. It is Wednesday after all!

Instead I wanted to throw out a thought experiment for you at home to test out. Here goes;

-Say some technology advance and/or new law (robots take over jobs, some new Iphone app allows one person to do the job of 3, government ends corporate taxes and pays double their earning as a bonus on top, etc) resulted in business earnings going parabolic but the trade off was that unemployment going forward would be 18% for the foreseeable future (10 years); would higher stock prices by themselves be enough to make up for the lost income of the non-workers? Could ever escalating asset prices replace productive work in the economy?

Now of course this question bears NO resemblance to how the US economy is structured, so please try and think it through logically. Use the comments to sound off.

Have a good night.


Lurker said...

My Friday night music pick is "Crazy on You" by Heart.

jwashington29 said...

You probably need to study the economies of the Emirate or Kuwait where the countries are so oil rich that everyone gets a dividend or stipend and very few citizens of the country actually work. Most labor, whether construction, service, or menial labor is being done by Third Country Nationals (TCNs) as they're commonly referred to in these states. You certainly couldn't sustain 18% unemployment while a certain class just got richer without expecting riots or rebellion. The masses must be placated or at least kept comfortably numb.

sedintary state said...

How about Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in C major.

A piece of unparalleled beauty.

getyourselfconnected said...

fine pic!

you never know!

I gotta say thats out of my realm of knowledge, like most things! Anything about the UAE/Kuwait you can ad? Not really equivalent, but I would be interested.