Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Financial Quiz for Any Level

It must be the crazy heat wave or something but I am lacking in any real motivation. The weekend cannot come soon enough.

Submitted with Minimal Comment
Sticking with my new policy of not getting into gold discussions am I submitting the following for you review (if you care):
Central Banks Dumping Gold At A Torrid Pace
Some BIStoric gold swaps
and from yesterday, Jesse's item.
You should be able to figure this out.

Financial Quiz for Any Level
Whether you trade multi billion dollar books for PIMCO or just try and turn your $1000 hard fought savings into $1200 in a year, this quiz is for you! There are right and wrong answers, so be aware Economic Disconnect does not grade on the curve like those fancy Ivy League schools like to do. You will need a number 2 pencil (remember those?), and eraser, and a sharp mind to get started. Ready?

-If massive store closings and a glut of empty space add sales at the same store locations, is that same store number of the same indicator value as in an expansionary environment or even a stable one?
True_ False_

-If a major component of any read on the economy is subject to wild manipulation by extraordinary events, how useful is it? Extra info: Say interest rates are a major component of a gauge, and rates are at all time lows, how would this compare to the gauge in the Volcker 80's?
It's the same no matter what_ You have to correct for the change_

-Some observers think that the FED should intervene directly in S&P futures to help the economy (or their portfolio). The question is: how can anyone take this guy seriously when this activity is a well known fact, even policy?
You cannot_ Sounds comforting_

-Who is most at risk should state budgets get worse?
The citizens_ The Banks_

-Everyone likes to be "the contrarian". Which description is the best example of a contrarian view?
a) 80% of the crowd says X, so I say Y
b) 80% of the crowd says X, but if I say Y then I am just like the other contrarians, and thus I have to say U or Z to really be different
c) As above, the first real contrarian will figure out (b) and thus one must go the extra ultra contrary position of siding with the 80%
d) I am dizzy, what was the question?

-If banks are allowed to "stress test" themselves and a tree falls in the woods but nobody heard it, did either happen?
No_ I think a chipmunk heard the tree, we could ask it_

-Are Russia and China our friends now and looking out for our financial well being by holding so much US debt?
Yes_ No_

-If I fold my money in half have I:
Doubled my money_ Lost half it's value_ Made closing my wallet harder_

-If you can spend your way to prosperity, how come there are any 3rd world or poor nations on Earth?
No reserve currency baby!_ They did not spend enough_

-Will the "forever" stamps be honored?
Yes, they were explicitly backed_ No_

Essay Section
Whether a "double dip" manifests or just slower growth going forward, which of the the two following scenarios are more likely to happen before October?

A) US government stays pat and allows things to happen as they are.

B) Government executes massive new programs including:
-Jobs program (500 Billion)
-Another homebuyer tax credit
-Cash for clunkers of all sorts (cars, toasters, etc)
-FED QE 2.0, only bigger (2 trillion or more)
-Extension until some future date of full unemployment benefits
and then dares the other party to run against these items.

Note that for this quiz, the only thing you need to consider is there is an election in November; what party is in power makes no difference.

Good luck!

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

The 'Forever' stamp will indeed be honored forever...providing Chuck Norris says so.

getyourselfconnected said...

I should have added that fact, sorry for the omission!

crisis garden said...

-If massive store closings and a glut of empty space add sales at the same store locations, is that same store number of the same indicator value as in an expansionary environment or even a stable one?

Learn to shorten your questions please. What I can't believe is that they don't count the closed stores with sales growth at a negative 100%. Can a statistic be more blatantly skewed?

getyourselfconnected said...

Geez garden, I will work on that.