Monday, July 26, 2010

Best of the Web Monday July 6, 2010

Ok, day 1 of the kitchen remodel and of course there was drama!

-The flooring we bought was supposed to come in in 5-10 business days which already would have been a problem with the work flow, but we were going to accept that. The wife gets a call today that the flooring will not come in until, ready for it?, September! I am not going to have a re-done kitchen with no floor for a month so the wife went out to Lowes and bought some in stock stuff that will have to do. Not ideal, but ok.

-We put the new microwave in the first floor bathroom for the time being. I had the computer on, the air conditioner and then the mother in law started to cook a TV dinner and all that draw was too much and tripped the breaker. Of course my new generator sprang to life to supply the needed power! I could not figure out the deal with all the switches (I have two breaker boxes due to the generator) and had to call the generator guys to figure it all out. At least the generator works!

So that's day one. So much more to look forward to!

Best of the Web Monday July 6, 2010
I think that trying to plan on posting is dumb at this point, I just have no idea what will happen next. Instead this week I will feature the very best article I came across in case you missed it.

I would worry that The Automatic Earth will lead every day, but what can you do? Ilargi has a classic post up today titled:
Extend and Pretend: The Russian Doll Version
This article meshes well with my last post. Just a snippet to grab you:
Yes, Fannie and Freddie are the ultimate in perversity. Not only does the government use every citizen's tax revenue to guarantee future losses on their neighbor's real estate purchases, both new and existing, it willingly causes that neighbor to pay two, three, four times more for their home than they would have without those guarantees.
A key concept that people either miss completely or do not care as long as their home keeps going up in value. Read the whole thing.

Have a good night.

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