Friday, November 4, 2011

Restored Utility Friday

It's much easier with cable and electricity fully restored. What a long week. Still a few pockets up here without power, but it should be fixed by tomorrow. Halloween has been set up for Sunday night now.

The Week Ahead
To be honest, I am tired at weeks end here and with Greek drama hitting the screens tonight I will wait until homework night Sunday to get in market mode. Should nothing too scary come out of Europe before Monday this is a market that can be traded. It's hanging around and no momentum to the downside is getting traction. Does not mean it's all a run up from here, but good ideas traded right should work out. More Sunday.

Friday Night Entertainment
After a long week I know I need some fun stuff.

The Dark Crystal Artwork
Long time readers now I think the Jim Henson film "The Dark Crystal" was a masterpiece. No CGI even! The great site iO9 posted up some great art stills of the characters and so here they are:
Very nice.

Fine Dining
Did you miss the cook BBQ master No Excuses BBQ made this week?:
The Return of the McSpam (sort of)

1963 ZR-1 Corvette
This car is so sick I am crazy about it. A 1963 split window Corvette, but all ZR-1 underneath:
1963 Chevrolet Corvette - Concealed Weapon

Picture Pages
The visuals are always best.

Very nice:
demotivational posters - WELL
see more Very Demotivational

Still an issue after all this time?:
job fails - It's Also Efficient!
see more funny videos, and check out our Yo Dawg lols!

Films You Should See
Rental advice.

So you have not seen "The Wraith"? Well check out an all star cast in a cheesy flick:

Features a great Ozzy tune which I will feature below.

A new era classic is "Road to Perdition" and now all kinds of scenes are coming up on YouTube. Check this one out if you ever thought Tom Hanks could not be totally badass:

Should have won Oscar this film.

Rock Blogging
Some tunes to get you ready for the weekend.

Big thanks to Sal Arnuk of Themis Trading. On Twitter (@ThemisSal) today he posted words to a song I was trying to remember for a long time. Please check out Gordon Lightfoot and "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald":

Wonderful song.

For the great blogger (and where is that mutual fund??) Trader Mark, I offer Prince and "When the Doves Cry":

"animals strike curious poses..."

From the film above, here is Ozzy with "Secret Loser":

So good.

From 1972, a very smooth John Denver performance of "Leaving on a Jet Plane":

Finally! A high quality version of Joan Jett doing "Cherry Bomb":

She was great!

Last call! Grab a lighter and a drink.

Closing the show with "The Flame" by Cheap Trick as to send you off mellow:

Have a good night.


David Batista said...

Oh, The Wraith! So *that's* the name of that movie! I remember my brother and I watching this more than once as kids (on HBO), but for the life of me I could never remember the name.

Yeah, that was a good one. Thanks!

EconomicDisconnect said...

No problem David!

Mr Slippery said...

I had two profitable short trades this week in a crazy market. I think I will be sitting out next week, though, unless gold closes over 1780, then I might add to the paper gold position.

Greece seems like it is in chaos right now, and the Italy 10 year is has been climbing fast. The S&P closed over the 200MA for just 2 days before falling below it again. Technicals don't look great to me either.

But, I know I have a bear bias so maybe the bulls can take this up over the 200MA again and stick it. A lot of utilities and MLPs have big fat dividends that I want, but the price volatility is too much for me to plan to hold them. Good luck!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Mr. Slippery,
NI and AVA in utility space still doing well, and no violation of upward trendline. Not recommendation just observation.

Mr Slippery said...

NI and AVA up. So are the other utilities I watch. I didn't have the guts to go long the last two weeks.

BTW, did you hear about the CME raising maintenance margins on all products after the Friday close?

Trader Dan has some insights:

EconomicDisconnect said...

Thanks. Just getting a read on the CME thing. Be sure to check Kid Dynamite later on, he always has the goods on such things.

Mr Slippery said...

There was some clarification on the CME. Turns out Kid Dynamite guessed correctly that the initial margins are being lowered across the board instead of maintenance being raised. I haven't had time to figure out what that means.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Good pick with Cherry Bomb. Have you seen the movie The Runaways? I liked it.

p.s. Sorry for the late comment!

EconomicDisconnect said...

No worries JH. Did see that flick, was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

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