Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Links

Another rain storm here tonight so it's a late arrival. No real time for a finely crafted post, so here is a linkfest for review. Probably will not be a quiz.

Wednesday Links
Stuff well worth a look.

The Reformed Broker captures the struggle all players are dealing with right now:
Do the Push and Pull
Better than expected retail sales? But Belgian bond yields are shooting higher! Industrial Production and Capacity back at pre-crisis levels? But Spain is the next Italy which was the next Greece which was the next Iceland!

Tony of Macro Story has been on the credit markets better than most I read and tonight's recap looks at some currencies as well:
Market Recap Wednesday November 16, 2011

Mr. Phil Pearlman has an important take on what lies beneath the psychology of the market and I agree 100%:
The Markets and The Deep Layer of Chronic Diffuse Anxiety
Beneath the surface anxiety though, there is another deeper layer of anxiety that is unconscious and much more difficult to pin down. It is experienced as a general low grade chronic state of worry that does not seem to really be attached to any one concrete thing.
Now read the rest.

Robert Sinn, The Stock Sage, has some good observations on how this week has gone so far, fake outs and shake outs:

Leigh Drogen has an interesting take on how social media, largely Twitter, is changing things big time in many ways:
How To Make Friends and Find Investors Without Speaking To Anyone
A lot of people knock social media as ridiculous because people have online “friends” who they aren’t really friends with. In many cases this is true, but Twitter is different. It’s about sharing thoughts and experiences, so that people can get to know who you really are, and connect with you in the real world.
While Facebook is the 21st century Yellow Pages, Twitter is the 21st century telephone. Which one do you think is more important?

Have a good night.

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David Batista said...

Geez, one of these days I really have to get on Twitter. It was difficult enough convincing me to join Facebook, though. There's only but so much of this social networking crap I can take!