Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick Note

It has been a really busy weekend so just a couple notes.

So, Is there or is There Not a JP Morgan Short Silver Position?
Kid Dynamite makes a cogent, solid case that the JPM silver short is not all that:
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Persuasive, but of course if anything going on was easily seen what sense does that make? What next? Mark to market accounting, HAHAHAHAHAH!?

New England Patriots - All Weather Foes
Not much to say. First place Chicago Bears, in their stadium, in weather that was horrid, and the Pats deliver a blow out. Scary stuff. One win or maybe 2 in the last 3 games and ALL AFC playoff games come through New England. Good luck with that. Did Branch have 160 yards receiving? Really?

Have a good night.


scharfy said...

Devastation. Was at the Bears debacle. Left after halftime.

Bow down to the Pats.

getyourselfconnected said...

I would have thought the conditions would make for a rough game. Sorry about that!

Kid Dynamite said...

by the way - if you need to kill some time tomorrow, check the SeekingAlpha comment thread on their republishing of my JPM-SIlver post. it will blow your mind. the craziest guy I've ever encountered online - and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

the craziest guy I've ever encountered online - and that's saying something.

I saw that - and it was quite entertaining to say the least! Problem to me was, it was a good story, JPM is cornering the market, and we can bankrupt them. Its the type of story that many of us on these blogs would like to believe.

Still, it always struck me as the "too good to be true" category, and your research confirmed that.

This was likely troubling to many who were so wedded to their view that this was the case, that they cannot believe otherwise. Rule #1 of the financial blogs is never ever admit you are wrong, and when you presented evidence he was, he just followed rule 1 to a T and dug in deeper and deeper.

getyourselfconnected said...

Kid Dynamite has several follow up posts that are clearly showing that getting into things in the financial blog world is a hard way to go! The level of screaming and pure hatred being thrown about is unsettling. Check out KD's seeking alpha post for more. I have a few thoughts on this but am waiting for a calmer environment!