Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday Writers Block

I am so glad the New Hampshire primaries are over. Here in Norther Massachusetts we were deluged with campaign ads for the last week. I have not seen a single on tonite and I am very glad.

Writers Block
I am working on a few topics that are a bit more on the philosophical and thinking side of things than headline and news coverage. The thought provoking kinds of posts always take a bit longer to come together. There was a bunch of news out today including MBI trying to save it's AAA rating and CFC still trying to say everything is wonderful.

I admit, I have writer's block this evening. I will resort to frank solicitation for topic ideas. Anything any reader here would like a post on, please let me know in the comments section. I am a fan of finance history, so even topics that happened a while ago can be explored. Perhaps there is something that a reader here knows quite a bit about, and feels like it would be of value to share with the other readers?

I am in the Pharmaceutical field, with a speciality in Molecular Biology, so of course those kinds of questions are welcome. Anything fishing, Star Wars, or vintage American Muscle Car can also be posted. I know, I am really stretching it here. I hate writers block!

Sorry to disappoint, but sometimes it can be hard to blog. I admit this venture has been both harder and more rewarding than I thought it would ever be. I am having fun and I hope you are too.

A little humor for the night:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Have a good night and leave some ideas that I can steal!


G Dub said...

Your blog is great..but timeout..You mentioned the F word, as in fishing, we all may need to fish to eat again, but for now dwelling outside reality can be a good thing. What fishing do you want to do that you haven't done yet. Strippers, saltwater species? What will bust you fish bubble. Anyone can identify with a fish wish or story. Tell us one!

watchtower said...

Maybe we could rehash old sob stories about the one that got not fish, musclecars!
Here`s mine: Walked away from an all original, extremely nice, low mileage, 4 spd 400 Ram Air III 1970 (white/blue stripe)Pontiac Trans Am...price:$3200 in 1983.
As Homer Simpson would say, D`OH!