Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Notes

Well, if my playoff football predictions are any sign of my forecasting ability, you can basically throw away all of my financial projections for 2008! Only San Diego was a winner that I picked. Oh well. Saturday nights game between the Jaguars and the Patriots seems to be a great match up. I only wish the Chargers had some chance of beating the Colts.

Vacation Possibilities
Nobody has a vacation idea for late March/early April to share? Come on, leave a comment if you had a good time somewhere.

This Week
The debate seems to have shifted from "Recession vs. No Recession" to "Mild Recession vs. Severe Recession" seemingly overnight this weekend. Calculated Risk has a great rundown of opinion up this evening that you should check out. This week bears special attention as this new debate should cause some pressure on the markets this week.

Fun Stuff
A little short on time tonight, so I will just offer some entertainment until tomorrow.

A couple of years ago the wife and I went to Miami for vacation and I was able to fish for peacock bass. I caught a nice 5 pounder, here is a shot of the fish close up so you can see the great colors:

Who can forget the college student yelling "Don't Taz me bro!" from earlier this year? Check this out:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

This one cracks me all up every time I see it:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Have a good night.


BNB2008 said...

Vacation suggestion, Destin Florida, especially if you like fishing. You take a charter boat out for the day, the wife kicks back on the beach--sweet deal for all. Plus, it is truly a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

You might try Hot Spring, Arkansas. I think the horse racing season is going on then and it's quite a nice area with reasonable cost.

Russ DoGG said...

Been to Miami...learn how to scuba. that makes a awesome vacation. I found the gear purchase to be about on par with good golf clubs.

If you are a people person you could try Blackbeard's cruises for liveaboard diving over in the Bahamas, but I think there are dive operators in key west too.