Friday, April 18, 2014

So What Was My Decision?

Happy Friday!!!

It was a great Friday here. After a serious hiccup was discovered and much frustration was had over the past two weeks, my new car is in fact ordered!

What did I decide?

Well, here is a clue:

Now that video was from 2010 and I am not getting a V-6. But still, did I not tell you to get invested in robotics? Did I not tell you to go nuts on regional banks way back when?

I will have more details as things go along, but I am really excited about my Camaro being built at the great Oshawa facility.

Her name's Christine:

You know, me and my Dad used to talk about cars and boats. He was always so in love with vehicles.

It's special for me to buy something like this, something I really have wanted but just put off for so long as impractical.

If only my Dad could take a ride with me. If only.

You think you have forever, then you don't even get to say good bye.

Economic Disconnect's message tonight?

Don't wait on things you really want. Things that have meaning. To you, or someone you love.

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

Nice choice. I've been thinking about trading in my RX-8 for one of those myself. But it's not economically feasible right now, as I just mailed a rather large check to the IRS.

The Camarro is the featured car on Hawaii 50, you know. I love that show. And that car does look like a real sweet ride.


Watchtower said...


EconomicDisconnect said...

It's going to be built in mid May I believe. Still in flux. Holy crap!

GawainsGhost said...

Yeah, my RX-8 was custom built in Japan as well, and it is a sweet ride. Plus, it will be completely paid for in November, so it doesn't make much sense to trade it in for another car and another loan at this point.

Still, I got to say, if I were going to get a new car, I'd probably make the same choice you made. I just thought you were really sold on the Buick, the Green Hornet and all that. But you made an excellent choice. I hope you enjoy your ride.