Friday, June 8, 2012

Return of the Friday

A special Friday Night blog is on tap tonight!

New Career Move
It's been two weeks on the new job and I love it. While I am already contributing in the molecular biology area, I am learning so much about a whole new world of science that I had little experience with. Sorry for the scant details but that's the way it goes. The work is fast paced and the days go by fast. I know I made the right choice.

Market Observations
I have not been following markets very much, just so little time and I am so tired now when I get home. I still have a good feel for things though with major thanks to ChessNwine's daily recaps, scanning the 12631 Trading Room (best group out there), and market thoughts and commentary from Robert Sinn's excellent subscription service and SMS model scores.

I still have positions in ALGN, STKL, and COT. Stops are set and I check them at days end. Not too much to add here, Josh Brown sums it up well in this post:
Pulling Brussels from a Shell
Short version, more bailouts in works this weekend or things can get ugly.

Friday Night Entertainment
The blogosphere's best entertainment blog 5 years running (my data shows this....)

Mail Delivery via Missiles?
The great site "Little Bits of History" had a mind blowing article up today about the experiment done in 1959 to test if mail could be delivered by missiles!:
They Did What?
On this day, the Barbero fired a Regulus cruise missile with its nuclear warhead replaced by two Post Office Department canisters. The Regulus missiles were first used on USS Tunny and USS Barbero in July 1953 when the two were the first nuclear deterrent patrol subs. The USPS containers were added at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Florida. The USPS officially established the submarine as a branch office for this test. 
Wowza. More on Missile Mail here.

They Are Here to Help. Help You Right on Your Way Out
My biggest regret about blogging less is that my lone voice in the face of the coming Robopocalypse has fallen silent. Without me I fear you unsuspecting people will welcome your own end with open arms. Am I right already?:
Robot Support on Your Death Bed to Ease Your Journey
Too easy. Well done robots, well done.

Picture Pages
Some fun with pictures.

You can't kill rock and roll (look close):
photobomb that guy - Kindergarten Rocker
see more This is Photobomb

Not a picture but a cool representation of the "Impact Theory" of the formation of the Moon (it's far from settled fact, skip to 2:20 mark):

Film Clips
While not a film, the HBO series "Rome" was my favorite show since "The Highlander" series. HBO bagged it citing cost issues (but they can spend money for "Game of Thrones", "True Blood" etc) and I have not watched TV much since then.

In this scene Mark Antony faces his end at the hands of Lucius Vorenus. Wonderful scene:

"It's a damn good sword."

Chris Rock in "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" and it's known as 'The Rib Scene':

Too funny!

Rock Blogging
It has been too long!

Had this one stuck in my head for two days, The Clash with "London Calling":

It is Ramones time and "Somebody Put Something in my Drink":

Love that one.

My friend via Twitter @23Aloha was looking for some Heart and "Crazy on You" and I dug up a great 1977 live show:

Bad ass.

@Real_Interloper requested Eddie Vedder with "Into the Wild" and I had never heard the song, very nice:

My favorite Radiohead song, "Karma Police":

So good.

Two songs left. Grab a drink and get ready.

Rock out with Hole and "Doll Parts":

She used to be normal. Hmm.

Last call!

Closing the show with Mighty Mighty Bosstones and their great cover of "Detroit Rock City" and make sure you catch the sax solo:

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you back in the swing of things. It must be very fulfilling to be able to think and create at work instead of do. 'Into the Wild' is certainly worth a watch if you get the time. Cheers friend!


David Batista said...

I couldn't believe my eyes . . . A Friday Night update? Pinch me! :)

And, yes, I was sorely disappointed when Rome was cancelled. But it wasn't because HBO didn't want it around anymore, but that its major backing--the BBC--dropped out. Once that happened, there was no way HBO could foot the bill alone.

Luckily for me, they learned their lesson and did NOT go that route with Game of Thrones. They angered a lot of people with that Rome fiasco.

Anyway, great to see you back. Sounds like you're the good kind of busy, which is always the best feeling in the world. Woo-hoo!

GawainsGhost said...

Glad to see you're back, GYC. And I'm happy to hear you like your new job. I wish I could say the same, but this real estate market has gone completely insane.

Anyway, let me tell you something about Heart. Yeah, those sisters were totally hot, back in the day. But it was the guitar players who actually wrote the songs.

It's funny, but during the last election, when the McCain campaign started playing "Barracuda" to introduce Sarah Palin, the girls went berserk. They didn't want "their" song associated with Sarah Palin.

So this reporter asked the guitar players, the guys who actually wrote the song, what they thought about it. And they said they thought it was great. Album sales are up!

It just goes to show how foolish people can be at times. I mean, you have a product, sales are increasing, you're making money, who cares about politics? The whole thing is ridiculous to my mind.

My basic political philosophy is to vote against every incumbent. But then I'm a libertarian, small l. I really don't care.

But when it comes to making money or not making money, I choose the former. Forget art, I have bills to pay.

By the way, I still have my Social Insecurity card. I've been carrying it around since I was 15. 1976, I had to go down to the high school and do some drama/RTF stuff. Well, the campus happened to be the voting site. There were all these people walking around, and I kind of freaked out. Who are all these people, and what are they doing here? Then this one guy came up to me and gave me a Social Insecurity card. He was a libertarian, small l.

My social insecurity number is 000-00-0000. The back of the card reads:

KEEP this card, if you wish. It entitles you to absolutely nothing. HOWEVER, it has several advantages over your Social Security card.

1. It does not force you to invest money from your paycheck or profits in a fraudulent and financially doomed retirement scheme.

2. It will not be requested or required on any school or job application, tax form, or in any business or financial transaction.

3. It cannot be used to find you, audit you, intimidate or investigate you, or otherwise invade your privacy.

This is what I'm talking about.

bamboo investment said...

I wish I had a new job. Preferably something with a guaranteed pension!

Deanda said...

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