Sunday, June 24, 2012

BBQ Ribs and Conversation

I am way behind on about 5 emails, some work related reading, market stuff, and yard work. But you know, some times you have to take a minute for yourself, and maybe for someone else. I had maybe the best Sunday in recent memory today and it's well worth skipping out on other stuff to get that.

BBQ Ribs and Conversation
I went to the gym this morning early and worked out for a while. Dreading going to the grocery store, I showered up and resigned myself to supermarket purgatory. While there I saw some great looking ribs, both baby backs and St. Louis spares. I figured, why not smoke some meat? Why not indeed.

I got home and put everything away. I started the lump charcoal fire in the Big Steel Keg and got the ribs prepped and rubbed up. With the temp pegged at 250 degrees, I put the ribs on about 1pm and let it ride. I went in to work to take care of a couple things (remember, work is now like 15 minutes away!) and came home to watch the smoker and drink a few beers.

And today I had company.

I was out back in the yard when my wife decided that smoking meat and drinking beers would be a good idea as well. We hung out, decided on a house color (painting soon) and basically talked. Talked like we have not in some time. Like friends, like partners. It was special and I had a great time. Damn, my wife is drop dead pretty too!

Anyways, my point is don't get so caught up in the day to day stuff and all the things you HAVE to do to a degree that you forget how to just hang out. Had a great day with the wife, and we pretty much just sat out back and gabbed. Was a fine day.

The ribs? Well you tell me, here is the progression:


KLo said...

Best post title every :-)

Delicious-looking ribs, too :-)

And isn't that realization the absolute best?

Glad you had one of those wonderful, amazing, totally-out-of-the-blue days. We all need them sometimes, and God knows you deserve it, my friend :-)

KLo said...

*ever ... grrrrrrr, I HATE when I make typos

EconomicDisconnect said...

No prob K, thanks for stopping in!

kelkun said...

I don't mean to be crude but i can't find any more appropriate response than "Fuck yeah" to the ribs.

David Batista said...

That's some good looking slabs of meat there, bro! I'm so jealous now. :)

And, yeah, trust me . . . I know what you mean about connecting with the wife and just having one of those nice relaxing days together. So awesome!

zydecopaws said...

All that practice seems to be paying off. Great looking ribs, and nice to see you finally got decent enough weather to pull the Keg out and start using it again. ;)

EconomicDisconnect said...

Kelkun, yeah they were that good!

David, needed that kind of day.

Zydecopaws, I learned from the best (you)

The Sovereign Bohemian said...

Nice looking ribs! I can only imagine how crazy things have been for you with changing jobs and all. I'm glad you are keeping some balance.

I haven't smoked anything this hasn't been in the budget. Almost every bill I have has gone up this past year, but again, no raise at work. Actually, our station got sold (pending FCC approval). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will get better, but who knows.

I think I need to invent a solar smoker. It will be over 100 degrees for the next 3 or 4 days with lots of humidity. Yuck...

Take care, bro.

GawainsGhost said...

You know, GYC, when we reinnovated our condos after my fater died, I had to choose the paint scheme.

For my condo, which was done first, I went with deep blue and light blue (on different walls of course) in the living room, bright red in the dining room, green in the kitchen, light blue in the bathroom, deep and light blue in the bedroom, and money green in my home office.

Then we had to paint my mother's condo. She was upset because she said I had already chosen all the best colors. So every day she wanted to go the paint store and look at colors. I got tired of it, so I went to Sherwin Williams, Lowes and Home Depot, and picked up every card for a paint color and threw them on the floor of her living room. Here, make a decision.

She spent weeks, and I mean weeks, looking at these cards, but she couldn't make a decision. Finally, she gave me like 20 cards--oranges, reds, yellows, blues, greens, turqoises--and said, "You decide."

Now, what am I supposed to do? I mean, I have all of these colors. Which one am I supposed to pick? Knowing that no matter which one I pick, she's going to complain about it after the fact.

The answer is very simple really. All of them.

I developed a thematic scheme. When you enter from the back door into the dining room, it's dawn, oranges and reds. The kitchen is yellow and the hall is red; that would be day. The half bath is turqoise, an oasis. The living room is dusk, softer oranges and reds. The staircase is red, representing sunset. Upstairs it's tranquil and serene. Turquoise and light blues, representing evening.

See how that works? Dawn, Day, Sunset, followed by tranquility.

When the contractors came to paint, I had mapped out the entire condo and had a different can of paint in front of each wall.

They said, "This is insane!" I said, "Just do it."

When my mother came home, I heard her close the door so I just waited. Silence. I went over there. She was sitting on the couch, crying. "My house is so beautiful."

Yeah, well, that's what a paint scheme will do for you.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a BBQ... Well I am looking out the window and can see the fires burning rather bright tonight.

Hope the locals give my post the sign to step in and squash this before any additional damage is done.


PS: I am no fire fighter but will sure as hell be happy when I get the word to help and put this thing out.

Watchtower said...

I've been to Memphis,TN and can honestly say that I didn't see any ribs down there that looked any better, nice!

Casey L. Clark said...

I really liked this post. :) those are the very best days.

Thanks for sharing!

Watchtower said...

GYSC, did you see these pics of Mars?