Monday, November 15, 2010

Why So Nervous?

Just a quick note for the evening. No real posts for a bit.

Sunday Night Football
I was shocked by the New England Patriots last night. One week after they could not do much of anything right, they put it all together for a huge road win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I think last night was about the third time I saw Tom Brady in "the zone" and when he is on like that you are witnessing something special. I don't care about Peyton Manning and all his baloney numbers; there is no better big game quarterback than Tom Brady. There is not, get over it.

Speaking of Manning, the Indianapolis Colts travel to Foxboro next week for another big game with playoff implications. The season is getting very interesting indeed.

Why So Nervous?
All of a sudden muni bonds are getting hammered. Why? I have no idea, why does anything happen these days? Does someone know something? Is this frontrunning the FED who may be looking to buy this crap in QE 23? No idea, but it is kind of funny to watch.

Jeff over at The Housing Time Bomb goes over other bond news tonight. Check it out, maybe Mr. Market is about done with Boom Boom Bernanke? Credit markets tend to lead stocks but this has not been true for some time. Who knows.

Of course, if you want great writing The Automatic Earth has another stellar post up:
The Keynesian Vacuum Universe

Have a good night.


scharfy said...

Was watching that game and thinking, wow NE is playing physical football. And Brady was picking apart the steelers blitzes. Kudo's to the Pats O-line who did a great job picking up Harrison et al - all night.

Patriots are looking like Pats circa 2003. Physical, mistake free, with the best quarterback in the game.

Good to see them playing with an attitude again.

getyourselfconnected said...

yeah it was almost unreal. Can they keep it up?

Thanks for swinging by!

crisis garden said...

About the munis, I'm thinking, Why didn't this happen a long time ago. Same answer thought, Why does anything happen these days.