Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cover That!

Saturday night and nothing to do!

Cover That!
I ran across some great stuff on YouTube today and so a short post is in order.

One of my favorite songs is "Tears of the Dragon" by Bruce Dickinson (front man of Iron Maiden) when he had one of his solo albums, Balls to Picasso. The song is really wonderful and you can see the original here.

Now of course the wonders of YouTube can bring you covers of said song. Some are terrible, some not bad, and some are really good. I of course have zero music talent and the dream of playing the guitar was not to be, even with my Dad's best efforts to help me.

Here is a fellow, jesustcbtv, who plays his heart out on acoustic and does his best with a tough vocal song:

Right on! Great effort.

Here is an amazing acoustic cover of the song played by a lady named Yves:

When I heard that today I was stunned silent. Very nice playing.

Of course if you play a sick cover a tune like Crazy Train, you may get Ozzy's attention and get to play a live show like 7 year old Yuto Miyazawa:

The kid is good!

How about an all time classic tune like "Hotel California"? Well, julianaeveryday has you covered and then some:

Most impressive.

Here is oooopmymom wailing out Van Halen's ultimate rock tune "Atomic Punk":


A band named Sabre tries out Dokken's ballad "Alone Again" and it is not bad! Posted by CompGEED:

I like it.

How about a father and son playing my favorite Journey song, "Wheel in the Sky"? Here is tonedr:

Great stuff.

If you know the guitar duel from the film "Crossroads" then you may like this cover of Eugene's winning riff by bolajunky:


See, you can find most anything if you want to look.

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Ok one more post and then I'll lay off a bit : )

This is something else that I just wasn't able to get my teenage mind around back in the day, and that is to be really good at something (such as playing the guitar) not only does it help to have some natural born talent, but a person needs to practice...a lot.

I read somewhere that the some of the greats in guitar practiced up to 7 - 8 hours a day!

I didn't have much of an attention span back when I was younger, so when I see these young kids and young adults playing the crap out of their guitars I'm just amazed.

I'm just glad that we as human beings are capable of expressing ourselves through something as wonderful as music.

Jake said...

Good stuff! Happy Thanksgiving / enjoy the long weekend.