Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a Few Notes

That Ravens-Jets game may have been the ugliest football contest I have ever seen. Insane penalties called all over the place, sputtering offenses, and turnovers galore make for a somewhat boring, if funny, game. Of course the loss should focus the Jets very much, just in time to host the New England Patriots! Thanks a bunch guys!

Odds and Ends
-Silver is making the break I was hoping for. The rest of the week will be important, but crossing the $20 mark is a solid move.

-I thought ultra low rates allowed the banks to "grow" their way out of losses? Maybe so, if you are one of the big 6 banks! Smaller banks are still having real trouble:
More banks missing TARP dividend payments
One sixth of banks are delinquent.

-On a related note, after endless programs to help housing, we have this:
Bank Repossession of Homes Sets New Record in August
Welcome to the housing recovery!

If you ever watch a clip here, make it this one!

One of the funniest things I have ever seen, via Geekologie:

It is only 13 seconds, so watch all the way to the end! Guaranteed belly buster!

Have a good night.

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