Friday, September 24, 2010

Fuzzy Headed Friday

I may have broken my brain thinking about things the past few days! I need a break!

Broad Observations
As i write the site Pragmatic Capitalism (which has been added to the blogroll) is actively responding to questions Kid Dynamite and myself posed over this article from today:
First off it is not easy to make my Must Read list. What I feel are the very best places for information are listed at the left. I do not endorse nor agree with everything you will find, especially so for Prag Cap, but you will be shown great thinking and great work.

Second, it is very rare to get the kind of interaction TPC and Ndk are showing on the above post when faced with tough questions. This says a lot about the writers and I appreciate that kind of response.

Ok, butt kissing time is over! If you follow the above piece there is even more about Quantitative Easing than you thought possible. I can wrap my head around what they are saying, but something just seems wrong to me. I will reiterate what I have come to; the FED is playing psychology games here and it is not working. To work they will have to become a credible threat to inflation, not just expectations. That is where things get dangerous.

As for today's action, there is too much hoping an praying going on and risk appetite against a dropping dollar is getting out of hand, especially in equities. Check these two headlines via Zero Hedge back to back:
Peru Just Entered The Currency Devaluation Race... Yes, Peru
...Promptly Followed By Brazil
The Golden Truth covers the China Currency bill passed by Congress as well:
Currency Wars set to Escalate
I know, Peru is nothing and Brazil is not a huge deal. The Swiss failed intervention was funny and Japans belly flop was almost hilarious. This is not small time.

With so many moving parts and so many Central Banks getting involved the risk of something going wrong grows exponentially. All it takes is a mistake and there is going to be trouble. Risk is high right now and it will be important to pay attention to world events going forward and not be self-absorbed Americans like the NetFlix CEO said.

I am giving a shout out to SILVER which I played a while back in the biggest (size wise) trade of my career. I tightened up my stop really tight to preserve what has put me past where I wanted to get for the whole year return wise and I even have enough extra to go to the Bahamas in October for a long weekend! What a deal! The wife is pleased, and that is all that matters.

Friday Night Entertainment
I may not be able to solve the riddled enigma of QE and I may not be able to swap punches with the MMT crowd, but I can put on a Friday Night show that they cannot match!

No Kidding, Here is the Neural Net Processor
This would be interesting if we were not following the script Skynet has planned for us:
How to Build a Brain with Neural Networks
When do we declare war?

Mayan Apocalypse Watch
You know I think those crazy star gazers may have been on to something. Newest sign the end is at hand:
Bill and Ted are Back!
Yes, that Bill and Ted of the excellent adventure variety.

Picture Pages
A few images to look over.

This one was perfect for today, EPIC WIN!:
epic fail photos - Ad Placement WIN
see more funny videos
Wicked BURN!

Your kids are being taught well:
Funny Signs - Hint: Not English
see more Friends of Irony

Film Clips
I get the Netflix thing and the Redbox stuff. It is just that I have Comcast and their On Demand system makes everything available at the touch of a button. I think it is much more pricey, but it is very easy. My 2 cents.

Can a $5 milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?:

Great scene from a new era classic film.

Sam Kinison in "Back to School":

Mr. Helper! Classic.

One for me! From The Highlander Series, "The Immortal Cimoli" is a fine piece of work. The villain is not rally bad and that has Macleod in a quandary. Skip to the 37:45 mark for a great discussion followed by a thrilling duel:

One of my favorite episodes.

Rock Blogging
What comes around goes around; I'll tell you why!

I got the big ZERO for requests save one from a BBQ site so I guess I am on my own this evening.

Now Gawains, do not get upset but this request is from a huge Redskins fan! Via request I found The Outlaws and "Hurry Sundown":

Now that is a fine tune! Great pick, thanks! What a tune.

A womans touch is always welcome, and thus I suggest "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles:


We should check in with Marlon and Jackie on the "Nightshift" by the Commodores:


It has been over two years so I have no problem playing maybe my favorite Billy Idol tune, "Eyes Without a Face". Turn this one way up!:

I love that one.

A late request by Scharfy! Because he provided valuable content this week and he is a boxing history fan (huge plus!) I can present Phil Collins and "Easy Lover":

Not bad, but obviously not about marriage, kidding! I think this is Ben Bernanke's theme song but he swapped (inside joke) 'lover' with 'money'!

Two to go, what will close the show? You don't know? How will it go? Who wants to know? On with the show!

A little off the path, but I do like Candlemass! Plenty of good tunes and complex sound. Take a sample with "Darkness in Paradise":

Dark, but a nifty tune!

Ok, time to close the show! Last call. If there is a lady nearby, grab hold and whisper sweet nothings in her ear! Get your lighters up!

Going back old school! I offer an older Bon Jovi tune, "In and Out of Love":

Not bad at all!

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Congrats on the silver trade, that kicked ass.
Plus you told us about the trade before silver had made this last run up, not an 'after the fact' sort of deal.

I'm glad you played Scharfy's Phil Collins request.
I like Phil Collins, heard him on Johnny Carson's Tonight show singing one time, and that guy really can sing.
No voice mixers needed with him.

Plus he played a part on Miami Vice : )

getyourselfconnected said...

that is what I am about!

Some changes coming soon!