Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 NFL Conference Championships

Hello all!

I have to tell you I am all pins and needles waiting for the NFC title game later today!

Investing Made Easy
Now I would think that it would be impossible to get my mind off football today but amazingly something did grab my attention and it wasn't even a Lil Kim video!:
Paul Krugman for the FED
The Baseline Scenario offers up the single dumbest idea I have seen since I started blogging. I am speechless.

In a way if this ever happened it would make investing very simple. Krugman is a political hack and the biggest wanna be Keynesian money printer of all time. Should Krugman ever sit at the FED head you should immediately:
-Buy all the gold and silver you can
-Stock up on canned goods and toilet paper (thanks Mark!)
-Arm yourself
-Have a fireplace set up to burn any paper money you have, soon that's all it will be good for

I am kidding here, but only a little bit!

Conference Title Games

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
The irony of this game is amazing as it was the Colts that layed down and allowed the Jets to get a needed win to earn the wild card spot. Should the Colts lose today they are going to feel sick for a very long time.

I think the game is going to come down to the Jets having to make a decision. The Colts are going to play short ball and keep everything underneath and in front of the Jets. This will result in LONG drives and keep the Jets running game off the field. The Jets will have to decide if they want to try and play a low scoring game according to the Colt game plan, or if they want to press and jump the baby routes being run and try and make something happen.

If the Jets play the Colt game, I think they will lose fairly easily. If they get nasty and really jump the Colts and get very aggressive I think they could have a shot. Key stats to watch:
-How many 5 minute plus drives do the Colts have?
-How many running plays have the Jets had against the smallish Colt defensive line?
Those two questions will decide the game.
Pick: Colts 23, Jets 17
But I really want the Jets to win!

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints
These two teams have been on a collision course all year and now it's go time.

Up front, I am in the tank for the Saints. I have loved this team since 1990 and I am no bandwagon jumper. I even went as far as applying to Tulane University senior year in high school to be close to the Superdome (I got in but besides being totally unattainable financially, they did not have a biotechnology centered degree program). Just so you know I am not unbiased here in any way.

The key for the Saints is to make the Vikings either HAVE to pass the ball alot (due to being behind) or WANT to pass the ball alot (due to perceived match up advantage). If the Vikings slow this game down and grind at the Saints with all world running back Adrian Petersen the Saints chances of a win go down big.

In any case I think this game could be one that you will talk about for years, so don't miss it!
Pick: Saints 34, Vikings 28

I will check in later.

Have a good night.


sonicninjakitty said...

WOW! I can't believe Johnson's suggestion for Krugman as Fed chair is not a joke!

I was relieved to see your take on it. Geeze, is he ever a divisive figure. I am anti-Krugman, too, but enjoyed your point about things being so much simpler if that were to happen, ha ha!

Vikings V Saints--this will be something to see!

getyourselfconnected said...

No serious writer could offer up Krugman for the FED and as much as I respect The Baseline Scenario this is a wild article.

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Reggie Bush did his Pilates this week! Watch Marques Colston today as well.

GawainsGhost said...

It's an old joke, GYC. How to become a millionaire. First, get a million dollars. Ba-da-boom ching! Ha ha ha.

Of course, in today's investment world, especially if one listens to the likes of total idiots like Jim Cramer and Paul Krugman, one would have to start out with a quadrillion dollars to become a millionaire. And that's no joke.

As to the Conference Championship games today, both are going to come down to defense. In the AFC, the Jets field the No. 1 ranked defense in points allowed. So the game will depend on how well they stop the Colts' prolific offense. Pressure on Manning is the key. Something tells me that New York has the distinct advantage in this regard and Indianapolis is primed for a putdown. This game could realistically go either way, but I'll take the Jets by 3.

In the NFC, it's hard to imagine a bigger game than this. Or one that doesn't involve the Cowboys, that is. But Minnesota may have given its all to beat Dallas last week. The Vikings have several players listed as questionable or probable going into this game, and their secondary is weak. I expect Drew Brees and the Saints to exploit them without mercy.

It is true that a strong running game is essential in the playoffs, but I don't think Adrian Peterson will provide one, for the simple reason that Brett Favre won't allow it. He wants it all to be about him, and ego is a terrible thing in a football player, especially a quarterback. So I expect him to go down in flames. I'll take the Saints by 10.

getyourselfconnected said...

If you want to double your money, fold it in half!
An oldie but goodie!

Did you hear about the murder victim the cops found last week? He was in a bathtub full of corn flakes and milk and he had a banana stufed in his mouth. No leads yet but the police think they are dealing with a cereal killer.

getyourselfconnected said...

Jets up 17-13 at halftime. Colts are selling out 100% on the run and there are wide open Jets recievers as a result. Sloppy defense near halftime was only real movement the Colts had. Tough 2nd half coming up.

getyourselfconnected said...

Well the Jets fell prey to the dink and dunk short game of the Colts. They always do that stuff when behind or in trouble and it is hard to stop unless you take chances and jump routes. The Jets laid back and it cost them.

Big game up next.

getyourselfconnected said...

Things are not looking good for my Saints at halftime. Ugly game so far.

getyourselfconnected said...

Saints did everything to lose that game and the Vikings gave it right back. Ugly game but WE WON!


sonicninjakitty said...

Well congratulations! Favre is such a jerk sometimes--tries to be the hero and gets intercepted. He did the EXACT same thing last year and blew it for the Packers. Saints deserved it.

Anonymous said...

RE: Your earlier price targets for gold and silver. Better to buy on the upswing than try to catch a falling knife.

The Bernanke panky has created a tremendous, illusory, economic disconnect. When the fog clears, and it will, all those investors sitting on "inflation" bets are going to get keelhauled.

The unwinding of these bets is going to cause a far greater plummet - albeit temporary - in PM prices than what is commonly imagined possible.
- TR

GawainsGhost said...

Congratulations, GYC, your Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

I thought the Jets had a good chance to win, but in the end Manning proved too much for them. Still, New York laid a solid foundation on which to build. Sanchez showed more poise than any rookie I've seen in years. And the defense is very good. Most important though, Ryan has removed the culture of losing that has cursed the Jets for decades. They'll be dangerous for the next several seasons.

As for New Orleans, what can one say? These are the hardest kinds of games to win, the ugly ones. But in many ways they are the best wins, because victories like these build character. When a team struggles but finds a way to win, it strengthens them.

People will talk about how the Saints didn't win as much as the Vikings lost the game, on the back of the wonderous and awful Brett Favre. I didn't see it that way. There were plenty of mistakes on both sides to go around, and to isolate any one over another as the causitive factor is ridiculous. Yeah, he made the crucial mistake that doomed his team at the end, but the defender still has to make that interception. And the kicker still has to make that field goal in overtime to win. In between, too many things could have happened, and the game could have easily gone either way.

But it didn't. And you know that last night New Orleans threw the greatest party that fabled city has ever thrown. I'm happy for the Saints and their long-suffering fans.

So in two weeks it comes down to the No. 1 Colts against the No. 1 Saints, the top seeds in each conference. Sould be one hell of a game.

Stagflationary Mark said...


"-Arm yourself"

Gutsy call. I might have opted for a fixed rate. Just kidding!

I have one more for your list.

"-Be Alert"

The world can always use more lerts. ;)