Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Notes

I am home a bit late and a threatening lightning and thunder storm has already made the computer flicker a few times so no post this evening. Big bond auction tomorrow and of course the FOMC will explain if and when they will be winding down quantitative easing purchases. Use the comments to leave the evenings best articles and I will get caught up tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Lisa said...

Ok, I finally did the dirty deed of reading this abomination of a bill. Check out the TAXES on self-insured. Read from 927 and see how they will appropriate more money every freaking year. Read how many new bureacrats will be named, new “offices”, new “Secretary of”, etc. (This actually makes up an enormous part of the bill) And, if you still have any stomach left, please read how this entire bill is about race. Want to be a doctor or other health professional? Better be a “minority” or “disadvantaged”, whatever the hell that means. If you do pass muster, then the government will decide WHERE you will practice, according to need (of society) with special attention paid to the “border states”. Can’t speak English, patient OR doctor? No problem: free translators available “”(f) NO COST SHARING.—Limited English proficient Medicare beneficiaries shall not have to pay cost-sharing or co-pays for language services provided through this demonstration program.”" There is an ENTIRE section on this alone.
The part about end of life counseling seemed like nothing more than the typical “advance directives” most people are familiar with. Start page 425.Then this part was weird: ‘‘(iii) A program for orders for life sustaining treatment for a States described in this clause is a program that—…….‘‘(IV) is guided by a coalition of stakeholders includes representatives from emergency medical services, emergency department physicians or nurses, state long-term care association, state medical association, state surveyors, agency responsible for senior services, state department of health, state hospital association, home health association, state bar association, and state hospice association.” Seems odd to me, to say the least. I'm sure the translators section is pretty standard government crap, but the rest is a bit odd. Guess I’ve written enough for one night.

GawainsGhost said...

The problem with bubbles is they always pop.


watchtower said...

This quote is from Gawains link:

"Furthermore, during inflation, the quality of work goes down. Everyone tries to manufacture products as quickly as they can. There's no emphasis on how long things will last. That was certainly the case with new houses in Arizona, California, and Nevada."

I totally believe this.