Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Note

Home a bit late tonight and I have some paper work I have to go through, so no post tonight. Plenty of news out there, use the comments to post interesting stories and I will try and get caught up tomorrow.

People Like Angry Looking Cars
Came across this story today via The Big Picture, and it was very cool so I will include it for an off topic item.

Why people like cars with ‘angry faces’

I knew it!

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

That was a cool link.

I remember reading Car and Driver (or maybe it was Motor Trend) and one of the writers describing the new 2010 Camaro's front end as the "Deathmobile" from "Animal House".
Plus the new "angry front end" Camaro (in SS trim especially) not only looks powerful, it IS powerful.

GawainsGhost said...

Right, Watchtower. It's kind of funny how people tend to choose the car they drive as a reflection of their personality. Sort of like how they pick a pet dog or cat that most resembles them. As Steve McQueen once said, "You are what you drive."

Actually, when I had to have the olde truck towed to my mechanic because the battery cable had broken off, I told him I was going to buy a new Mazda. He told me I should buy a new Camaro, because he really doesn't like rotary engines. And I thought seriously about it, as the new Camaro is a throwback power car. But in the end I went with the RX-8, mainly because I just like the way it looks. Sleek, stylish, like me. LOL!

I really don't like the look of most of the cars on the market today. But then I grew up in an era of truly great cars, the Chevy Belaire, the Corvette Stingray. My father subscribed to just about every car magazine in print, and I was constantly exposed to all the latest trends. Those were the days.

About a month ago, right before I ordered the Mazda, I went down to the bank to make some deposits. There was one of these Smart cars, I don't know what kind it was. It looked like a bubble gum machine! (You have to wonder about what kind of person wants to drive a bubble game machine as a reflection of their personality. Maybe someone named Juicy Fruit?)

And I thought, oh my God, is this what I'm going to have to choose from after Obama takes over the car industry, bubble gum machines and electric cars? It scared the hell out of me. So I went down to the dealership and ordered the RX-8 before it was too late.

That said, come on guys, we all know the coolest car ever was the original Batmobile.

watchtower said...

GawainsGhost said:
"That said, come on guys, we all know the coolest car ever was the original Batmobile."

I thought the GTO from the TV show "The Monkeys" was pretty cool too : )

Gawain from what I've heard the new Camaro is a pain to see out of (I know, I know, 426HP makes up for a lot of inconvenience).
I think you made a great decision with the RX-8, even with 426HP I don't think the new Camaro (with it's ponderous weight problem) will hit the redline on the "fun factor" like your RX-8 will.

Gawain will you be buying any of these $90.00 pizzas?

The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium will offer $90 pizzas

"The colossal new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is living proof that everything is bigger in Texas. The menu in the luxury suites proves that things there are more expensive too."

"Those enjoying a Cowboys game from a luxury suite at the new stadium will have to shell out $90 for pizza and $66 for a 12-pack of domestic beer"


GawainsGhost said...

Watchtower, I don't do luxury suites. Too expensive.

My tickets for the game against Atlanta are in the nosebleeds, section 417. But at least I'll get a good view of the giant screen.

It will be a cold day in hell when I pay $90 for a pizza. It's hard enough for me to pay $7 for a warm beer. Especially since I'm a Jack Daniel's guy, and I'm not even going to get into the cost of that per shot at the new stadium.

I've decided to enter into this season totally depressed and angst ridden. That way, if the Cowboys should improbably win, I'll be happy and pridefull. If not, then I won't feel any worse.

And don't even get me started on Jerry Jones. My only question is, how much does an exorcist cost?

watchtower said...

"And don't even get me started on Jerry Jones. My only question is, how much does an exorcist cost?"


watchtower said...

Where's Kevin?

getyourselfconnected said...

I think you are too down on the "boys". Much less pressure this year, and teams will be overlooking them as well. You may be surprised.

I thought you would like that story!

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