Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night Free For All

Entertained the Mom for dinner tonight, so I am out of time for a post. Yes I know it is Friday night! I will leave a few links to item I found interesting and then its open night in the comments if anyone wants to vent. I will check in later.

Friday Night Free For All
Here are the items that caught my attention today.

Reader Comments
Loyal reader Gawain's Ghost had an extremely interesting thought line in the comments section from the last blog. I would point you there and scroll down for his entry at 5:35am. Here is a sample (I assume you do not mind Gawain's, if you do I can remove this later):
In a complex system, the component elements self-organize and emerge into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, which then operates at a higher level of complexity independent of the rules governing the lower level components. It becomes its own thing and is now capable of interacting and self-organizing with other wholes to emerge into an even greater whole at an even higher level of complexity, and so on.

In order for this to occur, there must be a medium of communication. In a chemical system, for example, that medium would be energy. In an economic system, it's money.

That is the "tease" and the writer ties it all together with the current economic conditions. Very interesting indeed.

Dangers of Printing Money
I would think that if Time Magazine is publishing a pictorial on inflation dangers this must mean we are going head long into full blown deflation! Still, the pictorial (via The Mess That Greenspan Made) is both terrifying and educational.
See it here.

The USA is Not Japan, So Cool it With the Comparisons
Paul Krugman made name with his analysis of the Japan deflation. Many try to extrapolate the experience of Japan to the US. Jesse's Cafe Americain shows us all in easy to understand graphs and ideas that the two countries only similarity in any respect is that they both have national flags.
Read about it here.

Market Ticker on a Roll with Sesame Seeds
Karl Denninger has been red hot this week. Today Mr. Denninger catches a small but potentially important detail that I could not find any mention of anywhere. Hint: It relates to treasury sales.
Check it out.

Crazy Like a Fox
The Financial Ninja has a very interesting take on the China commodity spending spree that really is worth a look.
So look already!

The Automatic Earth Adds On
As for the Mish and Gary North issue mentioned last post, Ilargi at The Automatic Earth (one of my top sites) has some commentary.
Worth a look.

You Knew it Was Coming
I will end the linkfest with a picture I saw at some point yesterday that has me laughing every time I see it:

Instant Classic!

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

10:30 my time and no comments. Come on folks we can do better. Anyone play chess? I have the night free and could play a game.

Anonymous said...


I think Gawains post may also be what the derivative market developed into, only the medium isn't money. It's debt.


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extenze said...

There are so many words... and yet... I don't really get it. Well basically, instead of printing money we should be giving people start up stuff like machines, offices and land so they can startup businesses and kickstart a mini economy, you know? Money needs to circulate.

extenze said...

ok here's the thing- if people don't want to be poor, they don't need anyone else's help in not being poor, u know?let's not over think this.