Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Images

A little bored this afternoon as there is no NASCAR race on. Next Sunday is the day race at Bristol Motor Speedway, my favorite track so that will be exciting. I was cleaning out the computer and arranging some folders and I thought I might post some of my favorite pictures/posters/screenshots/LOL's etc for something to do. If anyone is still checking the blog after Friday's Beatles revelation, this is my peace offering.

Funny LOL Cats
Some random LOL pictures

Space Related
Mars, Venus, Titan, the Moon all kinds of cosmic stuff!

Surface of the planet Venus as seen by the Venera spacecraft:

Another from Venus:

Apollo astronaut lands very close to the old Moon probe Surveyor and walks over to take a look:

If you were on Saturn's moon Titan here is what the view would look like:

A meteorite on Mars as seen by the rover Opportunity:

Sunset on Mars:

Earth at night composite photo showing where the lights are on. Hello Japan!

Fish Pictures
After two nice days in a row I am already thinking about fishing

Peacock bass from the heart of Miami Florida:

Big time Smallmouth bass from the Quabbin Reservoir:

I was reeling in a Senko and this little guy decided to try and take a bite! He was not hooked and was released unharmed:

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...


I think most of us agreed it would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same.

I went over a saw the grandkids tonight and thought I would check the blogs and overseas market before bed so I'm still checking.
I like the peacock bass and the Saturn pics the best.


GawainsGhost said...

I'm still checking the blog, GYC. And you can hate the Beatles all you want, it doesn't bother me one bit. But you cannot deny their influence on music, that's what I take exception to.

By the way, I drove up to San Antonio over the weekend, met up with my best friend and went to a Cheech and Chong concert. We had third row, left center stage seats.

They filmed the show! My best friend and I are going to be in the new Cheech and Chong movie, the sequel to Up in Smoke. I still can't wrap my mind around that.

getyourselfconnected said...

To all the visitors from google image search:

I am the author of this blog and I am delighted you have all come here on a search. This is an econonmics blog, but I do post various pictures on Friday nights. If interested please check out some of the newer material (and I will have a contest up for Friday October 30, 2009 is interested) and I hope you like what you see.