Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Addendum

Thursday Addendum
After I had thought about the Michael Douglas funny tidbit at the UN, it got me thinking about a "Wall Street" film sequel idea. Yes, I would love to write a movie script!

Here goes:
After doing jail time for his offences in "Wall Street", Gordon Gekko is released and after some initial resistance to backing him, he finds financial backing at the dawn of the Nasdaq Tech boom. Gekko becomes a master of the classic "pump and dump" tech IPO mania and makes billions. His ego gets him into trouble during the big crash, and at the films end he is broke and dejected.

Last scene: Gekko is working as a bank clerk (circa year 2002) when he is approached by upper management. They ask Gekko "What do you think about the possibility of more aggressive mortgage lending?" Gekko's eyes light up as he sees his way back to success. Film ends with headlines and film form today's debacle.

I think it would be a hit! Plus it would elucidate all the silly excess that was the tech boom/bust and the current real estate meltdown.

What do you think?

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