Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Musings

The dry aged steaks arrived today. They look amazing, definitely nothing like grocery store meat. The dry aging makes a deep red coloring, not the bright crimson of non aged meat. I will try to wait until Saturday to make them. My fishing gear also arrived. Two tidbits; first I highly recommend a pair of good polarized sunglasses. While perfect for seeing underwater objects up to 20 feet deep in clear water, they also provide excellent sun protection and no glare. Point two is for Watchtower. I got the St. Croix premier 6 foot one piece medium power rod, and paired it with a Shimano Sidestab reel (seems like the ONLY rear drag reel made now!) on clearance from Cabelas. The rod was $70, but the reel was only $30. For $100 you can have a bullet proof, sensitive, world class set up. Not to shabby.

Market Ticker Hit Dick Bove Again as Well
In last nights post I recounted the saga of analyst Dick Bove who thought as recently as March that the financials were a "once in a generation" buy. Now Mr. Bove is backing away from that call, and I was all over him. Market Ticker's Karl Denninger also has a good memory and hits on Bove as well:

I love this kind of thing. Maybe Mr. Bove is just early on his call and I will look like a fool next year, but that's the name of the game.

If I Only Had the Time
One of the hard things about trying to run a real time blog covering things financial is having enough time. To write a good post that has the kind of content I am proud of and that I feel adds some value for readers takes a while. It is also hard to have all the needed data put together in a reasonable amount of time to be a current event. With the summer approaching and a decision needing to be made concerning my living conditions (buy the mom in laws house we are in, add an in law suite for her vs. having to buy in a collapsing market), fishing season, the yard work, regular work (yes I have a job), cooking dinner (yes I do all the cooking, my wife has it all!), and trying to read and watch some sports....well you get it. It can be hard.

I am so jealous of masterful writers like Mike "The Mish" Shedlock. If I had the time I wish I could do proper research quickly and write a post that has so much detailed information that is so very relevant that YOU MUST READ IT NOW! Here is a prime example concerning how the older members of our working society are increasingly facing tough times and tough decisions:

Mish blends today's headlines with his demographic post from the other day in a way that really shows you where things are headed. Great stuff.

Now I really enjoy doing this blog and I am going to keep up with it, but try to remember that I am just a hack trying my best, not a pro. I still think my Friday Night Rock Blogging simply has no peer on the Internet, or Internets if you are the president!

So to better serve you, the reading public, try to leave some story ideas in the comments section. Sometimes, like tonight, I am short of post ideas. I can just copy your idea, do a little research, and post a blog and call it all mine. Let me know what topics you want to have discussed here. I am open to all ideas, but keep it reasonably clean, HAHA.

I leave you with a clip from "The Outlaw Josey Wales" a great film based on the novel "Gone to Texas" by Forrest Carter. If you buy the book, included is the story "The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales" which is an excellent story as well. Maybe they can make a part II?

Anyways this is where Josey meets Ten Bears:

As always, I am taking film, music, or "other" ideas for Friday night's post.

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

The new Camaro in black.

“the SS will be powered by a 6.2-liter LS3 V-8 (similar to that found in the Corvette) tuned to produce around 400–405 bhp. A year after launch, Chevy will introduce a convertible version and after that a high-performance Z28 model with a super-charged 6.2-liter sibling to the Corvette ZR1's LS9 motor known as the LSA. That engine would make somewhere in the neighborhood of 480–500 bhp”

Well I wonder what the world will look like when this bad baby comes out in 09?
I sure would like to test drive one of these.

Anonymous said... Looking for Friday nite songs, This is a classic. A Chicago radio station played this song every Friday at rush hour. Great tune.

watchtower said...

"Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah

Nice find Anon 6:26
Our local "oldies" station plays this every now and then.
Good to hear it again.

getyourselfconnected said...

Geez, 400-500 horses! That is a ton of torque as well. The owners manual will state: "Do not drive this car in the rain"! Any word on all wheel drive? My current as well as the new Infiniti G35x I will be buying has all wheel drive and the no slippage is unreal.

Anyone know if that band from the song above sings a song that goes something like: "Good guys, bad guys, some things never change, but for some folks theres no other way. The good guys and the bad guys."?

JR said...

You asked for suggestions for the ticker or economic disconnect. Id love to hear your thoughts on managing a 401k in the current market climate. I was going to move my wifes money from growth funds into a bond fund. However, you mentioned that if a investor heads into the long end of the curve that you will get crushed. The fund I was looking at is weighted roughly 20%u.s. treasury, 50% corporate, and some other that I cant remember right off hand.Where can the 401kmoney hide?

watchtower said...

Hmmm, I don't know if they do or not. When I first read "good guys, bad guys" the first tune that popped into my head was Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times".

Well I've never seen the video to this so it might suck, but how about the Smashing Pumpkin's song titled "1979" for Friday Night Rock Blogging?

Anonymous said...

"Id love to hear your thoughts on managing a 401k in the current market climate."

Get out of the dollar and US asserts. International looks a lot safer for bonds, currencies, and equities to me. If our government does what I think they are going to do with SS and the boomer's. Inflation is going to eat us alive. Just MHOP.