Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Was a Long Day

Long day today! The wife and I did some Lowes Shopping to stimulate the economy. I got a bunch of stuff for the grill, you know a flat pad for the ground, a propane gauge, etc. I got a terrible sliver when I was using a rake, and it took almost an hour to dig it out. I will not forget my gloves again!

Ordered all my fishing gear as well. I am very excited about the new fishing season. I am aiming for next weekend to open the year. Weather dependent of course.

So after a long day like today I am tapped out, so no real post this evening. I saw some stuff I wanted to share though.

The film "Network" from 1976
I have never seen the film "Network" from 1976. Housing Panic had a clip from the film and it is terribly relevant to right now. It also has a smoking hot young Faye Dunaway in the film. Enjoy the clip:

Guitar Hero
Everybody I know plays the game "Guitar Hero". I really do not like games in general, but I do like to watch the youtube clips of various songs done on the game. I like how the button prompts can give a sense of motion to the song. I suggest watching a clip of a song you like to see what I mean.

Here is a "Crazy Train" Guitar Hero run:

"Hotel California" done on Guitar Hero:

And yes I am aware that I am very strange.

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

I harvested my first crop of spinach out of the garden today, also snag some arugula I had planted also to go with a salad tonight. The straw potatoes are pushing up threw the straw, looking good. Planted all kinds of stuff out at the farm the last couple of days and got some eggplants in the garden here at the house. Just like fishing a lot depends on the weather with these gardens. It's hard to believe that spinach can have 3' of snow on it and survive.


Anonymous said...

Strange in deed.