Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glacial Pace of Finance Can be Frustrating

Garden Work Is Exhausting
Wow, I had no idea how much work digging a garden was going to be! I spent about 4 hours yesterday preparing the soil. I used some of the web links supplied by reader Kevin for direction. To make the soil ideal, it really is labor intensive. All is done now, and I have planted the potatoes, some turnips, cucumbers, and my wife wanted sunflowers. We shall see if anything works!

Glacial Pace of Finance Can be Frustrating
Bank of America will report their "earnings" (losses actually) tomorrow. Will BAC meet estimates? Beat estimates? Miss estimates? Who knows and it really makes zero difference. The issue at hand is the glacial pace of information in the world of finance. Bubble head types would have you believe the worst is over, banks are done with losses, and home prices are on the rebound. It makes a nice story. Those with half a brain know this is absurd, but until ANOTHER quarters worth of degraded data comes out, denial will reign.

It is frustrating to have to wait the situation out. There are too many with a serious interest in delaying what is needed to allow the process of unwinding bad debt and home prices to happen in short time. All will have to be dragged kicking and screaming the entire way down. This process will take time.

After a week like last week, it is hard to find ideas to try and make some trades. I would like to put some money to work, but with the economic disconnect running so hot any play could be compromised. With an overactive FED and a Bank of England looking to follow suit any position may be rendered a loser overnight. Risk is high.

Things to watch this week:
  • BAC earnings
  • Oil, will it ever stop going up?
  • Gold, is this the end of the bull market?
  • Home sales numbers
  • The garden
  • The John Adams Series finale

I expect some market fireworks tomorrow, I have one of those feelings. Until tomorrow then!

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...


I spent about 12 hours over the last 2 days on my gardens, I planted some Lettuce, Broccoli. Rutabagas, Swiss Chard, Radish, onions, Potatoes, Kohlrabi, and a Jade cross Brussel Sprouts. Some were seeds and some were plants although I picked up several plants and more seeds of different varieties. It's still to early for cucumbers here as the plant date for them is about the 15th of next month, about the same time as tomatoes. Cucumbers need about 60 degree ground temperature to germinate and about 70 to really do well.

I find the action that is going on in the bond market fairly interesting, still think gold will hit 800, oil 125, and equities on the S&P still have a shot at 1440.


Anonymous said...

Inflation anyone?

I have been getting quite a bit as of late. Gas prices are over $3.50 here and thats just in two weeks. Some stations are already at $4.00.

Nothing has changed in the direction of the dollar there has been little chance of a rate hike. So what's next?

If oil does in fact reach all time highs what's to prevent everything else from doing the same?

Oh yeah.... that is unless everything in being manipulated, in which most things are these days.

The first week at my job working midnights sucks but my new schedule will give me three days off during the week so I can still keep my small company going.

It sucks that the only calls I get for jobs come from recruiting agencies or headhunters. Luvly!

I am also currently working on a small backyard project. Recently removed 2K st/ft of stone weeds and dirt. Going to lay down some new 20 year weed barrier and get 3 tons of new stones to make a stone garden with.... yeah not much growing there but rocks.


PS: Thanks for including me in your posts.