Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Blowoff

Had a bit of icy snow overnight and this morning. It is amazing to live in New England and see what happens after a late snow storm. No less than 4 major car accidents on the way to work this morning ended up with an cool hour and a half commute! Massachusetts residents are so arrogant and think they are so smart, but a total inability to operate a motor vehicle in light snow surely disagrees with that mindset.

Friday Blowoff
Had dinner with he wife and mom in law, so very short on time. There is a TON of material out there, and I will have a full post tomorrow. If you need a fix, Mish and Minyanville have been especially good the last 2 days, so stop over there.

I for one am going to have a Friday Blow off, and try and provide quality entertainment for my readers on a Friday night.

First up, score major points with the wife by showing her this picture:
Humorous Pictures
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You are welcome!

A while back I mentioned a scene from the awesome film "Lone Wolf McQuade" where Chuck Norris blasts out of the ground with his supercharged Dodge Ram truck. Impossible? Yes. Absurd? Uh huh. Totally awesome? Absolutely! I love that he douses himself with a beer first!:

Rock Blogging anyone?

"Summer of 69" from Bryan Adams:

If you have ever seen Ozzy live, you know he takes a full pipe organ with him just for the song "Mr Crowley". here is the live version with the immortal Randy Rhoads on guitar:

I love Metallica's cover of "Whiskey in the Jar". Excellent tune (warning video is a little over the top):

Obscure song time! I like theme metal, and Manowar was a great band for just that. Check out the song "Defender" with an intro from Orsen Wells!:

Last tune for the night. Try a little Tommy Tutone with the always memorable "867-5309":

"I got you numer on the wall" classic!

Have a good night!


getyourselfconnected said...

Not one comment!? Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

The Bush administration is finalizing a plan to rescue thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure by helping them refinance into more affordable loans, the Washington Post reported in its Saturday edition.

The proposal is aimed at assisting borrowers who owe their banks more than their homes are worth due to declining home prices, the Post reported, citing unnamed government officials.

If enacted, it would mark the first time the White House has committed federal dollars to help the most hard-pressed borrowers.

To get a head in this country it pays to be a speculator if you can hold out long enough. I think I'm going to quit paying taxes can't see the point. If they can just print them why do they need any of mine?


watchtower said...

Kevin's 3:35 post

Looks like this will put a couple more of our tax dollars in the bankster's back pocket.
Look, I'm all for keeping ones commitments, but if your upside down, and felt like you might have been railroaded a bit, then walk away from that puppy, and live to fight another day.
If you can't make the payment after a reset, how are you going to make it when the backlash of slowing growth hits the economy?
Why are these people staying in these homes? Are they too d**ned good to rent something that they can afford? When my wife and I got married (20 yrs ago)we didn't have a pot to piss in, our parents didn't give us a dime to start out on. We rented a mobile home for $150 a month for 3 years till we had saved a substantial amount for our first house.
I guess I have to come to grips with the fact that I'm living in the land of " I'm entitled to it".

watchtower said...

"Administration pushes regulatory changes"

It's always good to shut the barn door after the fact. I've got a warm cozy feeling that everything is going to be alright now.