Friday, July 31, 2015

Tom Brady and the NFL Should Settle - Here's How

I am not getting into this mess in written form, I have STRONG opinions on it. Trust me. At this point I think it needs to end. Here is how.

August 14, 2015
For immediate release  5:30am EST
-Tom Brady -
 "After this process and a better dialogue with the NFL during the settlement talks, I have come to understand my role in this matter from a different perspective. I maintain that I never advised nor know about ball tampering at any time. That said, there were irregularities on the night of the AFC title game and in order to protect the game, these things must be taken seriously.
 After talks with the NFL, commissioner Goodell most especially, I accept that in order to bring closure to this matter and to maintain good faith across the league penalties must be levied and accepted. The NFL will shortly announce the settlement we have reached. I agree with the conditions and believe them to be fair and correct. After the announcement I will not answer nor address this issue again. Thank you."

-The NFL - 
For immediate release  5:35am EST
"Tom Brady is suspended for the 2015 preseason schedule for the irregularities found during the 2014 AFC title game. The NFL, during this process, has found that the process of investigation was incomplete in no small part to the absence of set ball testing parameters and a poor system of compliance. The NFL has already detailed the new ball testing protocol to be in place in 2015, and Tom Brady has been fined $100,000, all of which will be applied for payment of the additional personal and equipment required to implement this system in week 1 of the 2015 season. We consider the matter closed and will not respond to further inquiries."
One can dream.

Have a good night.


Rob Dawg said...

You forgot the team loss of draft picks which for a high percentage team is massive to the franchise.

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