Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Bonus

It is cold here today and raining thick heavy drops that are going to change to snow. Of course this means I am in a great mood as long time readers know my longstanding hatred of the wintertime. We did get our Christmas tree today and that at least is a bit of fun. I tinkered with the blogroll to better refelct my daily reads. Please check them out.

Do They Ring a Bell?
My only serious thought for tonight concerns the current accepted thinking on the markets. They say they never "ring a bell" at the bottom, but should some things come to pass Friday will be looked upon as a close approximation of a bell being rung!

From what I can gather, here are the new rules going forward. These are all going to be very crowded trades in short order and it seems everyone just knows these things are coming. Sometimes the herd is right, other times.....
-Stronger Dollar (not many giving ranges, but I would throw out "stronger" has to be 10-20% higher from here)
-Lower Gold and Silver (maybe not $0, but at least 50% off from here)
-FED Raising Rates (unreal I know, but a spring rate hike is all the talk yet again)
-Higher mortgage rates will not hurt the housing recovery (head scratcher here, huh?)
-Job Creation Sustained into 2010 (Ok if you say so)
-Stock market which was pumped up on a weaker dollar goes up on a stronger dollar, well, because it will.

So you have been warned. Positions should be easy to figure out. Have at it.

Movie Posters
I have seen quite a few good films as of late and now I have the "Film Bug" where I am thinking of movies quite a bit. I am going to post a bunch of movie posters this evening, hope you enjoy.

Recent Hall of Fame Films
Some new classics, so if you have not seen them, you should!

Other Posters
A collection of posters of various films.

Have a good night.


Stagflationary Mark said...


My favorite...

"-Stock market which was pumped up on a weaker dollar goes up on a stronger dollar, well, because it will."

The ever weakening dollar helps our exports and therefore makes us more prosperous. More prosperity pushes up stock prices.

The ever strengthening dollar helps consumers afford oil and overseas goods that fill our retail stores. This clearly makes us more prosperous. More prosperity pushes up stock prices.

As you can clearly see, only a stable dollar hurts us. It can't create any prosperity at all! It just sits there being all stable and stuff.

There are other ways to generate prosperity though. We need not rely on currency volatility alone. Hurricanes provide natural stimulus. One reason we feel so poor lately is that we haven't had a really BIG one since Katrina. We were on top of the world back then.

Sarcasm is best served... constantly.

EconomicDisconnect said...

you and me have both seen the pure insanity of the world. My only qualm is do I trade this baloney for bucks, or stay away on principle.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Patriots continue to find way to lose! Just a total check out in the 2nd half today. Ugly.

GawainsGhost said...

Yeah, there were some ugly losses today. Oakland beat Pittsburg, Miami beat New England, and New York beat Dallas.

But the Saints found a way to win! So there is some hope in this world.

It's like I've been saying about these Cowboys. Take away the big play, and they got nothing. Certainly not the ability to maintain drives. And there is a big difference between calling running plays and establishing the run. What did they have today, less than 2 yards per carry? That is not going to win in this league.

Oh, well, at least my alma mater is headed for the national championship. Go Longhorns!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Yeah, I had the Cowboys winning that one, another wrong call!

Saints keep winning on borrowed time, I wish they would lose one so the whole "undefeated" thing would go away.

Right now it goes the Colts, Saints, and the Vikings and all the rest of the league is WAY behind.

Anonymous said...
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