Friday, June 20, 2014

Bought Some Stuff

I am ready to get Christine all set up to look very pretty:
Have a good night!


Watchtower said...

"Bought Some Stuff"

I'll say you did, lol.

I've never tried the clay bar system, let us know what you think about it after using it.

AllanF said...

I probably can't stress it enough and speaking from my own experience, clay bars are amazing.

I was always a little disappointed in my car's finish, almost from the day I brought it home from the lot. After reading Mag's online forums I decided to try out the clay treatment. Holy Cow... it's a 6 y.o. car that's been outside its whole life. A once yearly clay treatment makes the paint feel new like a baby's bottom.

There's probably not a better bang for 20 bucks that you can do for your car. You'll want to hug it when you're done. :) Otherwise, you're wasting your time putting polish and wax on top of fuzz and crud. Your eyes won't so much tell the difference, but your fingertips absolutely will. HTH.