Monday, May 6, 2013

I Will Be Saving This

Puzzling that faced with overwhelming evidence that former Fed head Alan Greenspan is a blathering idiot that blew 2 bubbles and caused massive damage, people now look to Ben Bernanke as some kind of hero:
I will be saving this one.


GawainsGhost said...

It's a vicious cycle. These Ivy Leaguers, they start out working on P Street (that would be Pennsylvanis Avenue), usually as an intern or some low level beaurocrat. Then they either run for office or move to K Street, where they can use their government connections and become highly paid lobbyists. Or they move to Wall Street, where they can use their government connections and knowledge of pending legislation for insider trading. Members of Congress are immune from prosecution for insider trading, you know.

Guys like Bernanke are a dime a dozen and incompetent. All they are capable of is spewing out flawed economic theories. They think that makes them appear smart, but it really doesn't.

As bad as Bernanke is, Geithner is even worse. That guy is not just an idiot but a complete and total fraud. So is Obama, by the way, which is why he surrounds himself with idiots and frauds.

But the biggests fools of all are the people who keep voting these clown representatives into office. The American people seldom get the government they deserve, but they always get the government they elect.

From where I stand, the best representative in Congress today is Ted Cruz. That man is a fighter. Yeah, he's from Texas, although he's of Cuban descent. Let me tell you something about Cuban Americans, especially those from Texas. They hate big government, because they hate corruption. And they do not back down in a fight.

Cruz won the race in Texas because he is anti-establishment. That's why I voted for him. I wouldn't vote for Drewhurst, because he is a typical establishment politician. And I lost a lot of respect for Rick Perry for endorsing him.

Anti-establishment is the next generation. And it can't get here soon enough.

Anonymous said...

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Casey L. Clark said...

yes, yes... fastidious, indeed. ;P

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