Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Storm Entertainment

For the second year in a row, there are actual tornado warnings for Massachusetts! I guess you never know. A special Friday Night Entertainment post is on tap, unless I get blown away.

I don't have much to say market wise. I don't watch it much (no time!) but my 2 cents just looking at the charts I like and a few other things is that this run is about out of gas absent serious ECB/Fed action. Volume is dead and people are waiting now.

Friday Night Entertainment
Let me see what I can find.

Amazing and Cool Science
I had heard of such a thing, but I spent a bit of time looking at the phenomena of Quorum Sensing lately. What is that? Well, via Wiki:
Quorum sensing is a system of stimulus and response correlated to population density. Many species of Bacteria use quorum sensing to coordinate gene expression according to the density of their local population. In similar fashion, some social insects use quorum sensing to determine where to nest. In addition to its function in biological systems, quorum sensing has several useful applications for computing and robotics.
It's a fascinating interaction. Short version is that many genes and their products may only be switched "ON" if a certain population density is reached. The signal molecules are often potent and powerful gene regulators.

Of course, you must know the Mars Rover Curiosity landed this week on the Red Planet! Looking forward to all kinds of new pictures and experiments going forward. Gale Crater:
funny science news experiments memes - 360 Degrees of the Gale Crater
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Picture Pages
Visuals do make things easier.

Dexter Cox is a future serial killer I think:
demotivational posters - SIGN LANGUAGE
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Oh my.

I am calling THE TOP in "Batman" mania (time stamped): crazy parenting fails - It's a Hard Knock Life
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Movie Night
A few tips on what to see this weekend.

A better new era comedy was "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy". Here we learn about the cologne 'Sex Panther'; 60% of the time, it works every time to get you a date:

An early Quentin Tarantino film, "The 4 Rooms", was pretty good if bizarre. The final segment is a classic though, and thus here is the "Zippo Bet" scene:


Rock Blogging
Bringing the tunes so you don't have to look since 2007.

I ran across this post on YouTube while I was looking for cool covers of various songs. How about 25 famous riffs? Well Kelly Rosenthal plays them all and it's great (except for a Beatles song):

GREAT Lenny Kravitz cover. She does "The Trooper" too! @SayChanceMusic on Twitter.

I am a late in life KISS fan, and I really appreciate how good they are live. Try out "Tears are Falling" from 2004:

They are wonderful live.

Of course the best band I have ever seen live is Iron Maiden. Live from Donnington 1992 "Be Quick or be Dead":

Will it be an all live night? Maybe. Check out this haunting live show of "Zombie" by The Cranberries:

Just wonderful. A MUST see so please do.

Screw it, only bands that can be great live on the show tonight. That is the most important thing.

Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus" live in Barcelona 2009:

Saw them that year, just unreal. I used to know a certain C-T Hilltopper that loved this band.

If you are easily excited, you may want to skip a Rage Against the Machine live showcase of "Bullet in the Head":


From a Tokyo concert, The Clash and "London Calling":


Last call! Get a lighter, a beer, and significant other and get ready!

It's not live, but from the film "Walk The Line" I just cant stay away from "It ain't Me Babe":

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Love it all.. so glad you're back even if just for a night.. I need to hear all these songs, so I will continue to play them in the background.. Thank U.. Awesome doll..
hugs and I miss you

The Sovereign Bohemian said...

My kind of song. You aren't so bad after all. :)

GawainsGhost said...

Interesting take there on quorum sensing. It seems to suggest that DNA itself is capable of somehow interpretting population density and responding deliberately thereto. Look into transposons. These are tiny little nucleic base sequences that possess the ability to extract themselves from the genetic strand and re-insert themselves anywhere along the strand.

If a transposon inserts itself in the middle of a start codon, the gene doesn't get transcribed and the protein doesn't get produced. Or, if the transposon inserts itself in the middle of a gene sequence, it changes the nucleic base sequence and thus the structure and functionality of the protein produced.

I first learned of this when I studied gentics at UT Austin in the early 80s. To my mind, it means that DNA itself is able to determine which proteins are produced and when, and also the structure of those proteins and their functionality. Therefore, genetic mutation cannot be random.

I brought this up in class once, and the professor threw a book at me.

I think DNA is a lot more complex than degreed scientists and professors are willing to admit. Mainly because to do so would be to admit that all their prognostications about random mutation, natural selection, Darwinism, are all bunk.

I see DNA as something like an organic micro-computer chip that is able to process information about the environment, including population density, and respond or mutate deliberately to that information. But then most people, especially scientists, consider me mad.

They'd much rather go through the most distorted convolutions of logic, make the most ridiculous claims, to argue that aliens in flying saucers are buzzing the planet, making crop circles to send us some indecipherable message from outer space, than they would admit that Sasquatch is a mountain ape that doesn't want to be caught.

Oh, but if Sasquatch were real, we would have caught one by now! No one has ever caught a space alien either, so your point is . . . ?

Random mutation must be true, because Darwin said so! Um, Darwin knew absolutely nothing about DNA. The molecule wasn't discovered until a century after he proposed the hypothesis of random mutation. And even today, a half a century later, we still don't understand how it works.

Think about it, all the evidence, all the research, all the posibilities. Which is more believable? Space aliens buzzing the planet or a mountain ape. Inanimate particles randomly interracting or animate particles deliberately interracting?

Just a question, from a madman.

Anonymous said...

Well get - my bet with your ole buddy Jeff @ The Housing Time Bomb on the future of DC housing has now expired:

For the record, he said we hit Case Shiller 125 within 2 years. Knowing he was delusional, I said we never even sniff 155. Turns out, I was right and we are north of 180 today (and prices are still rising, as they have been for the last 3 years).

It amazed me sometimes how delusionally bearish ole jeffy could be. Question for you.... When he made that prediction, (30-40% drop in 2 years) did that make your jaw drop???

I mean, you were "kinda" bearish at the time, but I think even you realized how foolishly agressive and wreckless that call was. Did you ever think to try to "talk him out of it" -- and what I mean by that was "cmon jeff, you really cant think that can you"???

By then, I was so frustrated with his bearishness (and the fact that he was gonna miss out on some good deals in the DC area) I lashed out at him - and was a real dick about it too.

Still, at the time you had some good will still built up with him. Ever think of helping him "come to jesus" as it were?

In any event, glad to hear you are still out there - stay away from the robot hordes!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Gawains, thought provoking comment. I have worked with DNA for 14 years and still learn something almost every day. It's accepted theory that much of Earth's water came from comet bombardment so I don't think its a stretch to think maybe some molecules/organics made the trip too then interacted with things here and evolved over time.

Anon, I think I said DC would be better off than most places back then, due to the concentration of wealth and the people that "have" to live there. Home prices in some places dropped as much as I was thinking, but many other places held up much better than I thought. No one can know everything thats for sure. Thanks for stopping in.

GawainsGhost said...

Well, not to dispute your expertise, GYC, but water, H2O is a relatively simple mocule, made of two of the most common elements. Also, it is the electron transfer molecule, because it exists as a mixture of H2O, H+ and OH- at the same time, making it the essential molecule for metabolism. It's also the only molecule that can exist as a liquid, a solid and a gas in the same place simultaneously. So, it's a very important molecule for life to exist.

To say that water arrived on Earth by comet bombardment begs the question. If water could originate in space, why couldn't it originate here? I mean, Earth is in space, right?

This is what gets me. It's this knee-jerk assumption that whatever it is had to come from outer space. Water, complex molecules, life itself, I have seen no evidence of any kind to suggest that all of these things did not originate here, and I've been studying this subject for 35+ years.

Yeah, I bought into the hype when I was a kid. Chariots of the Gods, remember that movie? It came out when I was in the 7th grade. This is absolute proof that extra-terrestrials have visited Earth. See, this hieroglyphic of a light bulb proves that aliens brought electricity to Egypt. Actually, it was a drawing of a hot air balloon--that's how the Egyptians mapped out their cities.

At some point, it becomes ridiculous. Why does everything on Earth have to have come from outer space?

It's always best to use Occham's Razor. The simplest solution is the best. Everything on Earth originated on Earth. There have never been any space aliens, not here anyway.

Life exists everywhere it is possible for life to exist, but certain conditions have to be met. That does not make inter-planetary or especially inter-galactic travel possible, due to the vastness of space, the constraints of time and the limits of resources necessary to sustain life over light years.

Do you really think that a complex molecule like a protein or a simple molecule like water could hold together on a comet hurtling through space for thousands of years? Maybe, as the Earth formed, when the conditions were right, some elements got together and formed these molecules on their own. Seriously, which is the more believable explanation?

Oh, and Bigfoot is real. I watched a documentary on it last night. There is no doubt that several species of mountain apes live in remote areas all around the globe. I don't need to see a Sasquatch in a zoo to believe the animal is real.

But, if I ever see a space alien in a zoo, I will take back everything I've said.

Budd said...

loved the serial killer picks

Watchtower said...

I'm with Budd, serial killer pics rocked!

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