Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best of the Web Thursday

Short post tonight.

Best of the Web Thursday
Markets saw some minimal losses today. Whether profit taking or other, it was needed if this is going to be a big run. I was so busy last night I had no time to really have a action list ready for today. It worked out as most names I have an eye on provided better entry points by day's end. I will do a full workup this weekend and be ready for next week.

Not one to leave you with no content though.

Why not check out the great Tumblr that Josh Brown (The Reformed Broker) and I co-author:
Things Apple is Worth More Than
Yes, it's back!

My man Jake of EconomPic had a great post on Leading Economic Indicators and some changes that were made. Please swing by and check it out, very important:
The New (And Improved) Leading Economic Indicators Shows Expansion

ChessNwine will keep you from getting too excited, long or short with a well thought out, reasoned take in his market recap for today:
Stock Market Recap 01/26/12

Robert Sinn (The Stock Sage) explains profit taking and has a great look at what subscribers get to see in his daily updates (Full disclosure, I am very happy to be one of the early adopters, excellent tool for trading) via the SMS service:
The Bulls Ring the Register

Good luck and remember it's Friday so get your requests in for Friday night.

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

Arlington is basically a suburb of Dallas, which is about a three hour drive north of Austin. It does have Cowboys Stadium, which isn't exactly a tourist attraction right now, but that's about it.

You really should take your wife to Austin. Rolling hills, live oak and pecan, green grasses, bluebonnets and wildflowers, rivers, lakes, natural springs, it's an oasis.

The third week in March would be best. That's when they hold SxSW. It's a music festival. Bands from all of the country, even Canada, come. They close off 6th Street so tens of thousands of people can walk up and down unimpeded by cross traffic. There's a different kind of music being played in every club. It's quite the experience.

Oh, and if you do go to Austin, stay at the Driskill downton. It's a historical hotel, one of the top 5 in the country. Presidents have stayed there. And their chef, he won a gold medal in the Olympics in the culinary arts. I didn't even know that was a sport.

Anyway, get this, GYC. You are not going to believe it. I had a flat on the truck so I took it down to Pueblo Tires. I told them to fix the flat and rotate the tires, because I needed to get a new inspection sticker. "We do inspections." Great, three birds with one stone.

I walked down the street to get a taco while they did the work. I came back. The flat was fixed, the tires were rotated, but no inspection sticker. I went in and asked why they didn't do the inspection.

"We couldn't." Why not? "Our inspector doesn't know how to drive a standard."

Are you kidding? What man doesn't know how to drive a stick-shift? I've had a driver's license since I was 15, and all I've driven for 35 years is a standard. He's an auto inspector, for crying out loud. That requires a license by the state. But he doesn't know how to drive a stick-shift? Unfreakingbelievable.

For Friday Night Entertainment, I recommend, oh I don't know, Steppenwolf, "Born to be Wild."

EconomicDisconnect said...

Gawains, I am shocked when people I know say they cannot drive a stick! In texas would think its unforgivable.


Great post