Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Bonanza

Make sure you scroll down and check out the fishing pictures from today that I posted. What a great time. No work and no things economic was so relaxing, except when the fish were biting!

There was plenty of stuff out there, much of it very important, but I cannot pretend I am even into it this evening. Here are some stops you should make:
-Housing Doom picked up a Businessweek article that showed agency paper (FNM, FRE) trading at 106 cents on the dollar, that's right, 6 cents over full value! No idea what this means and too tired to bother.

-FED to go QE 2.0 to the tune of 5 Trillion? Why not, the first attempt has worked so well I can only imagine how great the second will go. Surely this means gold will collapse.

-It is always something from out of the blue that starts a big panic, so here is Romania for you.

-Did budget director Orszag quit because he works for idiots? Probably. Seems a recurring theme as of late.

-Well, we have been told all this would happen, but did you bother to read?

-Don't click if you do not want to get depressed, but here is Alabama waves rolling in with additives.

Friday Night Bonanza
I came across a ton of cool stuff tonight so this is going to be fun!

Best of YouTube
How about a spider crab molting its shell in time lapse? COOL!

Why a lady is playing the RockBand game while naked in front of her kids I have no idea but its worth a look.

Tuesday and Wednesday night I read the book "The Last Great Fight" by Joe Layden which recounts the story around the Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas fight back in 1990. The book was amazing and I really can recommend it. It brought back memories; I watched that fight live and was in total shock. Here is the last 3 rounds with the 8th round knockout, I mean knockdown by Tyson and then the brutal end in the 10th:


The intro to John Carpenter's "Christine". Gives me the chills:

Rock Blogging
We need a little music to really get this weekend going and so here it is.....

Watchtower asked about the April Wine song "I Like to Rock", which I had never heard. The song was so great I can allow the crap at the end to slide:

That was a great one, thanks Watchtower!

Lurker would like a little "Blinded by the Light" from Manfred Mann and I had not heard this one in a bit so here it is:


Gawains was looking for some KISS and Firehouse, but that got me in mind of my favorite KISS clip, a live version of "I Was Made for Loving You":

What a great live version! Plus plenty of hot ladies in the audience, not that I was looking, I am married and all.

Ok, maybe a little old school heavy rock overload so far. How can we change it up?

Maybe slow it down with Bon Jovi and "Always"?:

Your welcome ladies!

This song can be complex to play, and my Dad played a nasty good one on 12 string guitar that was amazing. I wish he had played electric! Anyways, here is Dolly Parton with "Jolene":

Great stuff.

Two more then I have to go, I was paddling up a river all day, but I did have a paddle, obviously!

How about a little "Rocky Top" for Tennessee:

Also very good on a 12 string!

Last call! Have a great weekend! Now what to close the show with????...

Ok, I had this one over a year ago (9/26/08) but it really is a great tune and so I send you off for the night with Adrenalin and "Road of the Gypsy":

"You know it don't come easy.." You said it brother!

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Since the time that I was a kid I have always loved that 'Rocky Top' song.

"...once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top lookin' for a moonshine still..."

getyourselfconnected said...

so glad you knew it!''

My man!

GawainsGhost said...

Yes, that was the last great fight, when Douglas destroyed Tyson. I honestly can't think of another fight of significance after it. Shock the world, baby, shock the world!

I never liked Mike Tyson, always thought he was a brawler. But King knew how to fix a fight, kept putting Tyson up against lesser fighters he knew Tyson could knock out early, thus feeding the hype and maintaining the myth of "Iron Mike." I don't think Tyson ever fought a top 10 contender after he won the title.

Put him in the ring with a real boxer and watch what happens, I kept saying. Everyone laughed at me, because they had all bought the hype. I told them, he's not a boxer. The first time he goes up against a real contender--someone who knows how to jab, stick and move--he's going down. Yeah, right, they said.

But I knew. I grew up watching the truly great fighters. Ali, Frazier, Norton, Foreman, those were some brutal matchups. There is no way Tyson could have even been a sparring partner for those men. Foreman could have come out of retirement and beat the living crap out of Tyson, but King would have never allowed that to happen.

So Buster Douglas surprised me. I didn't think he had it in him. But he fought Tyson exactly the way a boxer should. The only thing Tyson had going for him was the big punch. So jab him in the face, stick and move, hit him with body shots, set him up and knock him out.

I'll always take a boxer over a brawler. And this fight shows exactly why. Buster Douglas, heavyweight champion of the world.

getyourselfconnected said...

I would probably disagree on Tyson, and we have discussed that before. When Tyson had Kevin Rooney in the corner he was a great fighter. His destruction of Tyrell Biggs stands out to me as what he could do vs. good boxer types. He threw it away for Robin Givens and getting with Don King. Sad really.

Hostess bologna said...

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