Monday, May 24, 2010

Drawing a Blank

I had a very busy Monday at work so I got home a bit late. Which is fine because I cannot think of anything to write about anyway!

Drawing a Blank
Usually I have a set of 2-5 stories I find to be important but today I am empty. Not one thing jumped out at me.

Crisis Garden notes in the comments section last post:
Your Monday prediction was off mark GYC. Glad I didn't act on it.
And that's the whole problem with making predictions. It seems like it should be a quite easy matter for a fully engaged and functional mind, but it's closer to impossible to get right. There's definitely a degree of randomness to the whole thing.
The prediction in question was from Thursday:
I would not be short (I never short by the way) going into the weekend, and even 10am tomorrow may be too long. Something WILL be announced and it should be large and in charge. Monday could erase half or all of the last two day losses.
Well what can you do!

I really did expect some news this weekend, so I missed that one for sure. But hey, it's only Monday.

If you saw something interesting today, leave it in the comments section.

Happy Birthday
Christmas is a big deal to me but birthdays are even more important I think. It is the one day a year that is all yours in a sense.

Happy Birthday goes out to loyal reader Gawains! Our literary sage turns 21 today so now he can buy booze legally, HA! Just kidding.

Anyways, Economic Disconnect goes ALL OUT for a birthday present and thus here for your listening enjoyment (yours, not mine!) is the band that will never make another appearance on the blog. The Beatles and "Birthday":

All my best Gawains!

Have a good night.


Stagflationary Mark said...


Usually I have a set of 2-5 stories I find to be important but today I am empty. Not one thing jumped out at me.

2-5 stories and jumping reminds me a bit of the stock market this month, as seen through the eyes of a stock broker anyway. ;)

Happy birthday GawainsGhost!!

CT-Hilltopper said...

Happy Birthday, Gawains.

and Get, you shouldn't have made that prediction. The markets are far too volatile for that.

I'll be making an equally rash prediction soon. It'll make you feel much better. LOL

getyourselfconnected said...

I always think of that sign back at the panic stage for the bankers:
"Jump You F#ckers!"
Still makes mu chuckle.

you are predicting you will have a rash? They have treatments for that! LOL Kidding.

I just figured a weekend intervention was at hand, but I guess the centarl bank currency moves on Thrs-Fri were enough.

They better get gold below $1200 for COMEX Opex tomorrow or plenty of contracts will have to be delivered.

getyourselfconnected said...

It always comes up:

"Clubber, whats your prediction for this fight?"


"Yes, Prediction."


watchtower said...

"They say it's your birthday..."

Holy s***!
The apocalypse must be on it's way.

Run for your lives!!!!!

watchtower said...

Happy Birthday Gawains!

I always enjoy reading your comments, especially the inside real estate stuff.

getyourselfconnected said...

I know, but this Beatles thing was a birthday special. Think of it as a supported market operation.

TomOfTheNorth said...

Happy B-day Gwains!

Connected - Here's some stuff I found interesting today. Kalpa @ FNE has El Erian's op-ed from Saturdau's WSJ:

Remus @ Woodpile Report dot Com linked this ATL news vid on 'Other Than Mexican (OTM)' Illegals:

And Jesse had some comments on gold manipulation:


GawainsGhost said...

Thank you very much, guys.

I am honored and flattered that GYC would post the first and last song by The Band That Shall Remain Unnamed for my birthday. It is very much appreciated.

By the way, I turned 21 28 years ago. But I started drinking when I was 18. So I lift my glass of Black Jack to you guys and wish all of you the best.

I very much enjoy participating in the comments here and have learned much from the other commenters. This is the finest comment section on the web, and I think we all owe it to GYC for creating it. Many thanks, my fried.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to negotiate with this cat.