Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Night Note of Thanks

Hello All!

For anyone not checking the comments, I have been busy attending to a very serious medial emergency in the family. I can gladly say tonight that things are looking good, and the area of major concern is being pushed back. I thank you all for the kind sentiments and concern, I really think my favorite part of this blog has been the great people I have "met" during writing.

I have some free time tonight (the patient is resting very comfortably across the river 5 minutes away at the best hospital north of Boston) and I am in need of a mind changer for a brief period. No financials tonight, but a few selections of various sort.

As a pick me up, I often think of great fights. Most of my own boxing matches I try to forget (did I really get hit that much? I was 47 (30 by KO) wins and 2 loses!) but super fights are all time classics.

Enjoy perhaps the greatest single round in the history of boxing, Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns round 1:

I still, to this day, get chills watching that round.

When Julio Cesar Chavez stopped Meldrick Taylor with 10 seconds to go in the 12th and final round of a fight he could not win on points, lets just say I was extremely excited that Chavez saved the day, video of an HBO special on the fight (listen to the crowd noise!):

Chavez, while behind, effectively finished Taylor as a top flight fighter. Please just listen to the crowd noise, very special!

Mark, from Illusion of Prosperity, has the speech from "V for Vendetta" up tonight, and I would point you that way to catch that item. Very meaningful and moving message. My own dialogue that gets me through the harder times comes from the film "Matrix Revolutions". I have featured this item before (here) but feel I needed the lift again (ignore the subtitles) and I might add that Hugo Weaving does the acting for both clips:

Maybe a little music, yes?

For the Mom, her favorite song "Pretend You Dont See Her":

In no more logical order, I would appreciate opinions on all these songs. I close the show with the greatest song ever recorded live, so enjoy and thanks!:

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Hopefully things are still going better for your mom this Sunday morning?

I enjoy music such as your mom's favorite song and interestingly enough so does my 10 year old daughter.
She's still at that age where she likes what she likes and that crushing 'teen' peer pressure hasn't gotten to her yet.
We will be in our favorite Italian restaurant and Sinatra will come on and she'll say "cool, I like this song", cracks me up, plus makes me proud that she is her own person (at least for now).

Managed to get away yesterday morning to go fishing.
Tried out the Gary Yamamoto 'Senkos' and you are right, this is an incredible fishing lure.
I used it at a couple of farm ponds that see heavy fishing pressure and did very well with the 'Senkos'.
Out of the 2 ponds I caught a total of 10 Largemouth bass (all on the Senkos) ranging from 1 1/2 lbs to 3 lbs with 2 lbs being about the average.
Can't wait to try this lure in some of the tributaries coming into the Ohio river.
Thanks for the heads up on the 'Senkos'.

GawainsGhost said...

Glad to hear that the emergency is past, GYC. But you need to steel yourself for the worst. These things have a way of coming back. I know, because I've been through it.

What you should do now is cherish every moment. Live in the present and enjoy each glorious day. Because you never know what tomorrow might bring.

It's difficult, I know. And it will wear you down, if you let it. But the thing is to remain positive, remember the good times, look toward the future, and hope for the best. That's all you can do.

You know, back when I was in high school, I was involved in a horrible car accident. I had this part time job after school and had gotten off of work, and I took this shortcut back to the school because we were doing a special performance of the one-act play for the parents. We had won alternate to state, the highest award any drama squad from this area has ever achieved. So it was a big night.

I was driving down a dirt road between two orange groves, and it was dark. Unfortunately, the Key Club--that would be the resident red neck beer drinking club on campus--had sent 40 freshman out to steal stop signs for their iniation. I couldn't see the upcoming road or the oncoming traffic, and I got side-swiped by a pickup truck.

The collision knocked me from the driver's seat out the passenger window about 50 feet through the air. My car rolled over three times and landed on top of me. The muffler burned my knee down to the bone. It took an hour for the ambulance to arrive. And my best friend, one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever known, was dead.

I was in a coma for two weeks. Had to have multiple surgeries to graft skin from my thigh to the burn, and later eye muscle surgery to correct my vision because my eyes had been knocked crooked. It took over two years for me to fully recover.

But I survived. Went to college, graduated with two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree, became a teacher and professor. If you had seen me in the hospital then--beat up, broken, bloodied, and burned--and looked at me today, you wouldn't believe I was the same person. Such is life.

The point being, it's always darkest before the dawn. This world will throw curve balls at you. But a curve ball can be hit.

No matter what happens, no matter how painful it is, regardless of what obstacles or injuries you have to overcome, as long as you don't lose faith, keep believing in yourself, you can climb any mountain. And when you get to the top, the air is especially sweet.

There is a better life and a better place after this world, of that I am certain. My best friend and my father are both there. Take comfort in the knowledge that when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Nothing is impossible. The worst can be turned into the best. And the Holy Spirit embraces all with loving arms.

Life is short. Death is quick. Jesus is love. That's what I believe. And it's gotten me through some really tough times.

So, know that we're all here for you. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. And don't let life get you down.

getyourselfconnected said...

glad the Senkos worked for you, those things are just deadly! My Mom is doing much better today, but will find out more tomorrow.

Thank you for the story about your accident. You have to be a real fighter to come back from something like that.

Thanks again to all.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I just listened to your mom's favorite song in its entirety.

Perhaps you could tell her that people are listening to her favorite song on your blog. That's sure to lift her spirits.

Of course, laughter is supposed to be the best medicine. I therefore offer the following from the "Worst Slogan Translations Ever".

Frank Perdue's chicken slogan, "It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken," was translated into Spanish as "it takes an aroused man to make a chicken affectionate."

Or how about...

"When Gerber started selling baby food in Africa, they used the same packaging as in the US, with the smiling baby on the label. Later they learned that in Africa, companies routinely put pictures on the labels of what's inside, since many people can't read."

getyourselfconnected said...

That gerber thing was terrible! Very funny though.

Was able to catch soem football, man the Patriots look terrible! The defense actually was not too bad today, but something is very wrong with the offense. Not every day you go from top 4 team to maybe top 14 in the league in my eyes. Saints posting 48 points on the Eagles was surprising, and McNabb does not play defense so dont bother saying it was due to his being out. I think Gawains predicted Cowboys 20 Giants 17 tonight, we shall see in a bit.

Best to all.

GawainsGhost said...

Well, the game is over, and Dallas lost. I knew it would be a close game, but I thought the Cowboys had a good chance to win. By halftime I knew they were going to lose.

No passion, no will to win. Penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, blown coverages, pretty much flop and slop all around. This team is just not that good.

Emmitt Smith was right. These Cowboys are a seven win team. Actually, I'll be surprised if they win that many. And if they do, it better be before December, because they sure won't be winning any games then.

getyourselfconnected said...

Checking in!
My Mom's condition is greatly improved today, and it seems the doctor in charge wants to wait a few weeks and then re-evaluate after treatment. She will probably be released from the hospital Wedesday or Thursday. This is very positive and We are all relieved here.

Thanks again for all the great words and sentiments. Hopefully I can get back to business tomorrow night, plenty of items to discuss.

Dave in Denver said...

Hey gyc. Hope everything is okay with your mom. Had a scare with my mom back in March, but she's fine, for the most part now.

Pats miss McDaniels running the offense and Seymour/Bruschi on defense...Go Broncos!

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