Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Home a bit late this evening, so some quick hits and of course some entertainment.

From the Department of "No Kidding"
Answer the following question truthfully:
Q: Are you shocked to learn that members of Congress exert influence as to which banks receive TARP funds? Bonus question: Would the total inability to show where TARP funds went be related to question number one?

Todd Harrison over at Minyanville like to write that the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. Only when the masses have ceased to have any love or interest in their country (apathy means to have no feelings at all) can the kind of nasty outright criminal actions performed by our government occur without anything done about it. If you truly hate your government you may take up arms against it. If you are so jaded by the abuses that go on that you just do not even care anymore, well I guess it looks like now.

Please read the full article that needs no additional commentary.

Gold and Silver
This week was a good one for the metals. Gold and Silver both had break out days today. Mining stocks took off on great volume (my favorite indicator). If the metals and the miners can hold most of the gains through next week I think a nice run up is in the works. Gold and Silver have disappointed before, so next week will be telling.

I would suggest to all the readers that having at least some physical metals in your possession would be prudent. When banks can close overnight or the government could enact some kind of wacky "bank holiday" to stave off a bank run, it may pay to have hard assets. I would also suggest a small stash of cash. While cash may one day be worth much less, it will be in use in the beginning of any problems.
Full Disclosure: I own gold miners GG and KGC.

Friday Night Fun
After a volatile week as well as a long week of work I am going to do an extended entertainment section because I want to have some fun. See what you can do when you have your own blog? I am the boss here, at least until my wife comes in the room.

Comedic Cloning Poster
While I do not clone animals in my line of work, manipulation of DNA has long been called "cloning" in the biotech field. This LOL post is extremely funny:
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

The TARP Song
You simply must pass this hilarious song along to anyone and everyone you know:

Rock Blogging
Oh yes, it is time!

Yet another Ipod find is this great song by the band Bush. Take a listen to "Cold Contagious":

It seems whenever I like a new band they either break up or do not have an album in forever. Think Audioslave. Another example is the band Evanescence. I love this lady's vocals and the great music behind her rocks as well. Try out "Bring Me to Life":

A little old school Kenny Rogers and "Coward of the County":

I have no idea why I have had the Blondie song "Heart of Glass" stuck in my head, but here it is regardless:

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

My daughter gives the bunny/cat cloning picture two thumbs up and a high five.

As I've said before I believe that one day they (maybe I should say "we" because "we" put up with this crap) will run our currency into the ground but I still believe it is wise to keep some cash around just in case.
I would say that it is never a bad thing to diversify a little but I don't know that for sure.

getyourselfconnected said...

When i first saw the picture i thought "so what, 2 rabbits that look alike', but after looking closer I saw the rabbit and the cat and thought it was hilarious. Glad your baby liked it.

The problem with keeping gold/silver/cash physically is that you have to worry about it. Sadly we live in times that require thought about such things.

Anonymous said...


You have nothing to worry about when you have valuable assets on hand. Buy a good safe/fireproof/waterproof bolted to the ground bunker buster resistant god box. Lock all (Small %) your wealth up and rest easy. Tell no one about it and your good. Come on seriously you think a bank is safer or more well guarded?

You think a $15-$25/hr armed security guard cares about your banks money? I can tell you it isn't worth getting shot in the head over so there's your answer.

If you value your car you insure it (car insurance), if you value you life you insure it (life insurance), if you value your home you insure it (home owners insurance), if you value your loved ones you buy a shotgun and a .45ACP and sleep easy. But you don't ever tell anyone about your private stash. That's why it's called PRIVATE!


PS: Disclaimer -- I am a licensed security guard.

watchtower said...

G wrote this:

"But you don't ever tell anyone about your private stash."

Reading your comment one of my favorite "wise" sayings came to mind:

If your not selling don't advertise.