Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storm

Hello all and thanks for reading. My town has been subjected to a return to the stone age after the crazy ice storm. No power and no idea when I might have it back. Finally got a hotel room that allows dogs, so I am using their internet. Sorry to be gone, but I cannot even go to work! Take care and I hope to be back soon.


Anonymous said...


I feel for you man, that sucks. We had one here a couple of years ago here but didn't loose power for long. Most of your trees are going to be severely damaged and I don't know how you heat that place but hopefully the water lines don't break.
Hope they get you powered up soon.

watchtower said...

Good luck to you GYSC, hopefully they will get you going pretty soon.
We are currently experiencing an ice storm even as I type this here where I live.
I did buy a generator after the last ice storm in Feburary and learned how to hook it up in my breaker box without backfeeding the line (and possibly killing someone i.e. a lineman).
I should still have heat if the power goes down this time being as I have a gas furnace and the supply fan does not draw very many amps.

ncb said...

Thoughts are with you, hope all turns out OK.

Rob Dawg said...

`I understand. It rained here today. We even had to wear long sleeve shirts at Disneyland Sunday.

Not snark. I grew up in Western Mass and went to WPI. Difference is I drove away. Feel free to make fu of me when the earthquake comes. Until then...

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg

I left Californicated in 05 after living there 51 years. I Never thought I would leave but now there ain't no way in hell I would ever go back. Went threw a major 6.5 quake in 83 but that didn't bother me. High taxes and the fact that the whole state was becoming such an over populated mess. I was out there a couple of years ago and the first night I was there some asswipe stole the receiver from my trailer hitch. Enjoy Disneyland I'll stay out here in Central Nebraska and drive my tractor if I want to get on a ride.

Anonymous said...

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