Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Clips; You Make of It What You Will

I voted tonight. In Massachusetts my vote is worthless as the resident here seem to love being the joke of the nation, and vote accordingly every year in huge numbers. There was an actual referendum to abolish the state income tax, but polls were running about 70% against that idea! Cannot make this stuff up.

Two Clips; You Make of It What You Will
I have seen two clips tonight that were enough to get my blood boiling. I offer them here, you can make comments if you like.

Clip One
An Obama victory will mean that this lady will not have to pay for gasoline in her car and her mortgage will be taken care of. Well, she may be right about the mortgage no matter who wins the election, but I fear this kind of baffoon thinking is fairly widespread:

Clip Two
Two fools dressed in Black Panther garb acting like morons in front of an election office. Voter intimidation? Honestly, if this ever happened at my voting site I would be going to jail for cracking the skulls of such dumb asses:

Enjoy the election night!


Anonymous said...

I consistently read your blog everyday. I have always found you to be quite insightful in economic matters, especially for a non-economist, showing a fundamental intellect to understand complex relationships. I am some what surprised by your choice of two videos, having a racial bias, with the myriad of political issues in the news, today. The videos show nothing more than sound bytes with no sound bases of good journalism.

watchtower said...

Wooooo Hooooo!
Free houses, free gasoline, free everything!

It's easy, you take care of the politicians and they will take care of you.

(oh yeah, they'll print the money)

watchtower said...

Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

They will print the money.

And I'm not saying go out and load up on gold because I think KD is right about that, they will confiscate it, or make it illegal to sell, or something to that effect.
If we ever get a good bounce I'm afraid I'm going to have to convert to a different tangible.

Go long toilet paper and vodka.